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Cool, Calm and Serene Bedroom Makeover

If you are looking for ideas to give your bedroom a makeover, check out this cool, calm and serene bedroom makeover that you can do in a weekend.


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Everyone should have a calm place to retreat to at the end of the day, a place that you love to spend time and lets you wind down and relax.

Creating the ideal bedroom, one that provides a peaceful atmosphere is easily done if you decorate with a muted selection of neutral hues that don't overwhelm the space. Think whisper whites and subtle greys, or even blush pink or just a hint of blue or green. These are all colours that make you feel relaxed.

In this bedroom makeover, a bare room was decorated with soothing hues and soft textiles and accessories - a look you can easily achieve yourself by shopping around at home decor stores.







To start the makeover, make sure to give the room a thorough clean, from ceiling to floor. You want the room to be clean and empty before you begin.






Start Big

In the room, not much needs to be done to get started and the first step was to begin with the largest improvements - that being the windows (installing shutters and French door) and cupboards. Builder's grade built-in cupboards are what most of us have to deal with and if you don't want to go to the effort of replacing or ripping these out, it's easy enough to give them a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware.

The next thing you will want to tackle is painting the room. Make sure you have plenty of drop cloths to cover the floors since the idea is to decorate and not waste time on cleaning up drips and spills.

Choose a Colour Palette

If you haven't already done so, take the time to carefully choose a colour palette means that you can simply pop into Builders and have your paints mixed and ready to go. If you are still having difficulty making a decision, grab some colour swatches and take these home to see the swatches in the room under different levels of natural and artificial light.

The bedroom started as a bland room lacking any type of detail. The windows were small and ugly and covered with screens that didn't really offer much in the way of protection. With the addition of a new French door that opens up onto the garden and replacing screens with security shutters, all the work done in the bedroom was purely cosmetic.






The addition of the French door lets so much more natural light into the room and makes the room feel visually larger than it is. It's also nice to be able to walk straight into the garden from the bedroom. In summer, the doors can be left open for air to circulate and refresh the room.






The bedroom isn't overly large but still needs a few extra accessories for added storage. A slimline drawer unit fits neatly in the corner against the French door and provides much-needed storage without taking up valuable floor space. This is probably not something you would be able to buy locally, but you can most certainly design and make your a slimline chest of drawers using pine, plywood or veneered plywood.

The look throughout the bedroom is calm and relaxing with muted colours and natural woods. The upholstered headboard provides a soft place to sit and read and is finished in a light dove grey that blends nicely with the wall colour. A selection of different sized pillows bring softness into the bedroom and finish off the bed.

Use the right accessories to get the same look in your bedroom. Home decor stores around the country stock a wide selection of furniture and accessories that you can choose from, or you can make your own pillowcases using the perfect fabric.



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