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Tips to Buy the Best Bunk Beds for Toddlers

Bunk beds are a great space-saving idea if you have numerous children in your home, but there are safety factors to consider.



Getting quality space for each of your little ones may seem impossible to achieve, but not when you have chosen to get them a bunk bed. Bunk beds are a great space-saving idea if you have numerous children in your home but there are a few safety factors to consider as well as guidelines for buying the right bunk bed set.

Bunks are layered beds, usually come in two, wherein one is on top of another. The result is more floor space, where you can put other furniture or create a play area. With a bunk bed, comfort for two kids won’t be a problem as your little ones will be able to sleep comfortably and neither of them will have to sleep alone.


Here are some tips when choosing the best bunk beds for your toddlers:


1. Always Think of Safety

There are tons of bunk beds to choose out there, but not all will be safe or good for little ones. When buying bunk beds for a toddler, choose a bed that’s not too high from the ground.

You should also choose a bunk with safety railings so your little one will not accidentally fall from it. You can DIY railings or hire an expert if you have any doubts about the railings or safety issue of the bunk bed you’ve chosen. An expert handyman can do the necessary additions and alterations to make sure your bunk bed is safe.


2. Choose a Roomy Bunk Bed

You don’t want to invest in a piece of furniture only to have your toddler outgrow it after a few years. Choose a spacious and roomy bunk bed that your toddler won’t quickly outgrow.

After a few years, your toddler may already be a little kid, and their feet will already be touching the foot of the bunk. This means you’ll have to get a brand-new bed, which is not a good idea if it’s only been a few years.







3. Type of Ladder

The type of ladder is also a safety concern. For toddlers, it’s best to have ladders that are at an angle so they can easily climb up to the top bunk.

Alternatively, you can choose stairs. There are bunk beds that have real stairs with storage spaces underneath. These are relatively safe, and your little one can easily climb up and down.


4. Stability of the Bunk Bed

Toddlers are notorious for being balls of energy. They can quickly wear down toys as well as furniture, and this includes their bunk bed. There’s no stopping your kids from jumping up and down on the bunk bed, rolling on it, and doing all sorts of things on it. Therefore, your bunk bed should be well-crafted and well-made to endure any trial.

Make sure that the corner pieces are made of solid material by assessing the materials used. You can also do the shake test to see if the bunk bed is fragile or easily wobbles. Being thorough with your inspection means you’ll have fewer worries later on.


5. Wooden Material Is the Best Choice for Kids

There would be many types of materials each having their own aesthetics, but wood is the best choice for toddlers. For one thing, wood is a solid material. Aesthetically, wood bunk beds can have many styles and functions that appeal to kids. Wood is also cheaper and can last for generations.

Metal, on the other hand, has disadvantages, such as being extremely cold during colder temperatures and are prone to have sharp edges when broken, which can hurt children. Metal also tends to be slippery and not safe for children’s use.









6. Choose a Bunk Bed with a Simple Style

Your kids may request for a themed bunk bed with an out of this world style. However, it’s better to choose a bunk bed with more conventional aesthetics. Simpler styles mean the bunk beds will always be in fashion.

Your toddlers may eventually outgrow their love for ponies or cowboys, so sleeping on a bunk bed with these themes will be silly after a few years. Choose a bunk bed with simpler colors and shapes so they’ll not only be a great space saver, but they’ll have a style that’ll last your kids for years to come.


7. Does Your Bunk Bed Come with Storage Space?

Most bunk beds now come with storage space. This storage space has shelves that have to be accessed from a certain point. Make sure you have enough room to go around for accessing these storage spaces.

A bunk bed with drawers, for example, can’t be placed next to a wall, which will shut the access to the drawers. Have enough space for your bunk bed so your children can enjoy the many features it offers.


Final Thoughts

A bunk bed is a practical way of maximizing space and is also an affordable way of giving your toddlers a comfortable place to sleep on.

There are many styles of bunk beds to choose from, and you can choose from the many functions and aesthetics bunk beds now offer. However, staying grounded and practical with your choice ensures that you’ll be selecting an investment that can be enjoyed and will last you for years to come.






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