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Bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

You're not alone when it comes to decorating on a tight budget, but there are easy and affordable ways to give your bedroom a much needed update.


Freshen up the bedroom

In the bedroom small updates can make a big difference on the look and feel of the room and flowers and plants breathe life into any decor scheme, plus they also freshen up the air. No matter what your colour scheme, a vase of fresh flowers or a small potted plant will work wonders in injecting a small splash of fresh air.

Look at the available space in your bedroom and then pop into your nearest garden centre and ask for advise on the best plants for your particular situation, taking into consideration the amount of natural light that the bedroom receives. If the only plants that live in your home are fakes, there are plenty of great fakes available that look realistic and don't require any attention. Just remember to give them a regular dusting, as they can soon become grubby looking.

For an inexpensive alternative, fresh flowers cut from your garden are an easy way of transforming your bedroom in an instant. No effort required and you can go for a bunch of colourful flowers or a single, large leaf.

Update dark furniture

Solid wood furniture is something that will last a lifetime but it can so easily overpower a bedroom and make it feel small and claustrophobic. If the piece is something you definitely don't want to part with, consider giving it an update with a limewash, whitewash or couple of coats of paint.

A light limewash or whitewash won't damage the integrity of the piece and it can still be restored to its original condition later on, but it will lighten the colour and help make the furniture less overpowering. Another option to consider is to cover a solid, dark wood headboard with batting and fabric.

Upcycle bedroom lighting

Bring your bedroom into the 21st Century with unique lighting. You don't even need to spend that much if you're crafty. Browse secondhand shops and bargain stores for lighting that can be given a unique twist. A simple metal chandelier spray painted in rose gold and white is easily dressed up with a few strands of beads.

Don't feel that you are limited to choosing the perfect pair or bedside lamps at local stores. Instead, look for fabulous fabric that you can use to re-cover your existing lampshade to give them a new and exciting look, or keep an eye out for home decor specials that you can transform into something special for next to the bed.

Add more storage

Most bedrooms are already small, so adding extra storage with a bedside table or shelf just makes a lot of sense and helps maintain an uncluttered room. We've got tons of ideas for making your own bedside table or cabinet in our Bedroom Craft section, or browse secondhand stores and online auctions for pieces that just need a little TLC to transform them into beautiful accessories.

An inexpensive way to add hand-me-down or secondhand furniture into a bedroom is to give it a makeover. Transform with paint, give it a totally new look with wallpaper or fabric, and add some new handles or knobs. You will find a huge selection of affordable handles and knobs in rustic, modern and contemporary styles at Gelmar stores around the country.

And don't worry if pieces don't fit in perfectly with your existing furniture- mismatched is the buzz word. Mix it up for interest and don't be afraid to mix old with new, country with modern.

Make it personal

A gallery wall is a creative way to fill up a bare wall and also introduce personality into a bedroom. Before you hang, experiment with different layouts, frame designs and colours and then fill the wall with your favourite photos, images or children's artwork.

Colour, texture and pattern in one

If the bedroom is looking bland and boring, spice it up with cushions, blankets and throws. Home decor storage offer a kaldeidoscope of colours and designs for cushions, and it's easy to create a boutique-style setting using accessories that won't cost a fortune and can be swapped around from season to season. 

David Brittain

Windows tend to be overlooked when it comes to adding colour, texture and pattern to a room, yet curtains and fabric blinds are a wonderful way to bring life to a bedroom and introduce all three elements in one go.

A layered window treatment consisting of blinds (for light control), sheers (for softness and effect) and a fabric-wrapped pelmet, can instantly dress up a plain window and make it an interesting feature that ties in with the room decor. If you're not sure how to proceed, we recommend visiting your nearest Finishing Touches (inside Builders Warehouse) to discuss your window treatment ideas with the experts.

Using some or all of the tips mentioned above will help transform your bedroom into a comfortable haven for the winter - and you won't have to spend a fortune to do it.



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