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Playful boy's bedroom

As your child grows, so does his or her ideas for how they want their bedroom to look. The boy's bedroom shown here was designed to be a space that would transition a little boy into a young adult.


Designed by Madelyn and Nancy of Finnians Moon Interiors, fabric was the inspiration behind the finished look and feel of this boy's bedroom. There is abundant use of fabrics throughout the room, from the fabric pelmets, to a comfortable chair wrapped with chevron pattern fabric.

Using fabric as an inspiration is a great way to start of any project. From a single piece of fabric you can gather ideas for colours for a room, the style of the room, and even what type of details and accessories you want to include as part of the finished design.

As the main feature in the room, Madelyn and Nancy wanted the bed to be a 'wow' feature, and with its fabric wrapped base it certainly is. Horizontal stripes weave their way around the base of the bed and finish up as a second padded headboard. 

The whimsical tree bookcase took its cue from the forest-themed fabric above the windows and the deer head mounted above the bed, and is yet another custom made project for the room. Two comfy slipcovered chairs provide a reading area close to the bed.

The cool colour palette used in the room allow for any child to add their own personality to the space. The greys used in the room are from the red side of the colour wheel and add warmth to the room when combined with the off-white bed linen and taupe strips that surround the bed. 

The bedroom itself had plenty of room to play around with and the girls decided to have a bit of fun with the bed itself - by adding two headboards. The striped headboard fits in with the little boy growing up, while the plain slate blue upholstered headboard transitions the room into a room fit for a teenager.

Small details like this allow you to easily change any room with minimal fuss and effort. Simply swap out a few accessories to something a bit more trendy and the room is ready to go!

This boy's bedroom is all about layering and combining patterns without having a room that overloads the senses. The horizontal stripes on the bed carries over into the chair upholstered in chevron patterned fabric, while neutral ivory and off-whites calm down the space.

The chair itself was a bargain buy from a secondhand store, so having it reupholstered was on the cards anyway. Young adults need a place to chill - a place where they can sit and relax and study or socialise.

The window nook offers a place to play and to relax. Wide horizontal stripes started in this corner and then extended into the rest of the room. Painted in subtle shades of grey to tie in with the wool rug that provides comfort underfoot.

The made cubes offer open storage for toys or books and can easily be moved around for extra seating when friends come over. A small wagon provides extra storage that can be purposed as required. It is important to think about storage for boys - the room needs to have as many easy storage options to make clean up simple.


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