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Blushing makeover for a bedroom

If your bedroom feels a little tired and you're ready for a new look, use trendy colours and new accessories to give your bedroom a fresh makeover.


We spend almost half of our lives in the bedroom, so it make sense to make it into a soothing, calming retreat, especially if your bedroom is already starting to feel a little tired.

The bed itself is the main feature in any bedroom, and the first place you want to start is by layering on layer of new textiles. Trade your faded duvet for a beautiful new design and dress your bed in fresh new bed linens. Buy a quality set of sheets and pillowcases in white and layer this with colour with a new duvet and throw cushions.

With so many paint options to choose from, it's easy to give drab furniture a facelift. Shop around for the perfect pieces of furniture to add to your bedroom collection - pieces that just need a bit of TLC to have them looking good, or perhaps even a coat or two of paint.

Contain clutter in a bedroom with attractive storage. Baskets are a versatile alternative to bulky furniture for the smaller bedroom, and you can place them wherever they're needed.

You don't need a lot of space to create a comfortable reading nook. If the bedroom is your retreat, a place to sneak away for some time out, claiming a corner of the bedroom to set up a chair and lamp in a quiet spot where you can curl up with a good book. 

Use moulding and trim to make shelves that can be mounted onto the wall. These small shelves are wonderful for displaying a few decorative accessories above the bed, and are easy to make in an hour.


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