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Real life bedroom makeovers 

In this feature you will find a selection of bedroom makeovers that show just how much of a difference a few details can make to a bedroom. 


We spend so much time in our bedroom it's understandable that we want a bedroom that's a place we can retreat to at the end of each day. The before and after bedroom makeovers below show that it isn't that difficult - or expensive - to transform any bedroom into a calming room where you can relax and unwind.

When it comes to decorating a bedroom - it's all in the details. Something as basic as buying new bed linens not only refreshes a room, it also makes you feel special. It's time to toss out those ratty sheets and splurge on new bed linen, and if the budget allows, splurge on a new duvet.

If you really want to transform your boring bedroom into a fabulous space, look at adding a few accessories to complete the look. Even replacing plain curtains with a light and airy pattern design that complements textures in the room will instantly improve the look and feel of a bedroom. Even our local home decor stores have a range of accessories that will really make your bedroom pop, and you can set a budget of how much you want to spend.

If you already have all the furniture you need for your bedroom, but want to update the look, think about painting furniture or just adding new hardware. It's amazing the difference a couple of knobs or handles can make. Home improvement centres offer a variety of designs, or shop around if you're looking for something special.

In the bedroom above the eye is instantly drawn to the dark blue curtains against the window, and the clutter piled up on one wall. Simply by painting the walls in a deep blue, the eye wanders around the room before settling on the bed, and since the bed is the main feature in a bedroom - that's exactly what you want!

Paint is the most affordable way to completely transform any room in the home. When choosing paint for a bedroom, take your colour cues from what's already in the room, be a piece of art on the wall or textiles in the room. You can buy a 5 litre can of paint for around R500 and can completely transform the space in a weekend.

Finding a storage space for everything means less visible clutter, and the less clutter you see the more spacious a room feels. This practice is even more applicable in a bedroom, especially a small bedroom.  

With the bed in the centre of the room, there's space for storage on either side, freeing up valuable floor space. In the bedroom above it's only the addition of new bedding and a few accessories that transform the room from bland to beautiful.

If you're handy with power tools, making your own headboard is a breeze. You can buy a variety of materials, from SupaWood to pine to upholstery techniques, that you can use to make up a headboard that's fitting for your bed.

If you're looking to completely overhaul a bedroom you will be looking a new furniture for the room.  Shop for the perfect bed design that you love and then work your design accessories in around this. With the bed taking pride of place, look at how much space is available for additional furniture, such as a bedside cabinet or two.

Don't forget about lighting... you don't need to break the bank to provide ambient lighting for a bedroom. Shop around for neutral lamps, as these will complement any decorating scheme and won't have to be replaced when you decide it's time for a change.

Light up a dark bedroom with neutral colours. You can't go wrong with white or lighter neutral hues, and these colours also help to visually enlarge a space. If you want to add some colour to the space, look for bold, bright accessories that will add the finishing touch. 

In the bedroom above, windows of differing heights make it difficult to choose the right window treatment. Blinds are perfect for this situation, and you can pop into your local Finishing Touches (inside Builders Warehouse), to buy ready-made or custom blinds for all types of windows.

Window treatments are also an easy way to disguise a long, narrow window. If there's nowhere else to put the bed, use drapes to create a feature wall behind the bed. This look adds sophisticated detail to the bedroom above.

Choosing the right colour for any bedroom can be difficult, but by using colours already in the room, like painting the walls in a soft blue that highlight the bedside cabinets (above), it's easy to tie the look together.

For a larger bedroom that looks empty, why not look at adding a comfortable readying nook. You can shop for ready-made upholstered chairs, or look at buying secondhand and upholster these in your choice of fabric. A cosy chair or two will instantly make a bedroom feel like to brand new space.

Like any other room in the home, flooring can make a room feel warmer, add colour and texture, or pull together a look. You can choose to opt for an area rug to do all of these, or you may decide that it's time for something new. Before you rip out and replace, carefully research the various options for flooring, so that you don't end up with something you hate or that just isn't practical for your bedroom.


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