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Take Your Pick: 17 Bed Designs

Since we spend close to a third of our life asleep, it makes sense to want to have as comfortable a sleeping area as possible to tap into the many body and mind benefits sleep provides.

There is nothing more exciting than getting that first space to call your own, and half that excitement is getting to decorate it the way you want to. Whether this is your first time bedecking an area, or your fiftieth, chances are you will be paying attention to detail - especially in living areas that visiting guests will see and sleep in.

Most of the time when we think of a bed a general frame comes to mind, but did you know you have literally tons of options to choose from that fits both your unique style and living space? Read on to find your favourite!

1. Murphy Wall Bed

The Murphy bed is the perfect solution to a small living area, or for converting a another room into a temporary guest room. These beds fold vertically into the wall or closet, and can easily become part of the decor when you build shelving units or storage around them. Click here for instructions on how to make your own Murphy Wall Bed - without any special fittings or mechanism.





2. Day Bed

A day bed looks a little bit like a deep couch and they are popular choices for guest rooms that double as sitting rooms or office spaces. They provide a comfortable surface for lounging upon by day, but also convert easily into a restful place each night.

3. Canopy

Canopy beds are named such due to their tall, four poster design that incorporates either an overhanging surface or frame from which you can drape cloth, or hang curtains. These were once very popular due to the lack of central heating and when the cloth was pulled closed it provided a warm space to sleep within each night.

4. Loft

Loft beds are raised above the ground, to either eye level or higher, to provide space beneath it. These beds are popular in small rooms, to provide either a place to put a desk or sitting area, as well as serving well for storage. Many times these are used in college dorms to free up space for study and relaxation.

5. Bunk Bed

Layered bunk beds are the ultimate space saver for multi-child households. Plus, if they are combined with futons, or full sized beds, you have plenty of extra space to use it as a guest bed when company calls. Accessible by either ladders or steps, many also come as multi-purpose and allow you to unstack or put into different shapes to provide more - or less - room as needed.

6. Trundle

Trundle beds are the ultimate sleepover bed. This hide-away bed slides under another bed and is the perfect solution to sleepovers or guest stays. Usually only sized up to a twin sized mattress, they occasionally may come larger, and the frame may also lift to be level with the bed to create a larger surface.

7. Sofa Bed

No spare room for a guest to stay in? No worries, the sofa bed is the perfect way to provide a comfortable bed for your visitors without sacrificing space. These beds come in assorted sizes and fold to become comfortable seating for a living room.

8. Futon

Futons are similar to sofa beds since they ‘unfold’ to lay flat when you need a bed, but then fold back into a small couch the rest of the time. They are the perfect space saver for small areas, or work well as an addition to an office space or work room that doubles as a guest room when needed.

9. Poster

Poster beds have four vertical post at each corner of the bed and can be a variety of heights and designs. Some reach almost to the ceiling, while others may stay low and only rise a foot above your bed. Typically the posters are ornate in nature and can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, iron or brass.

10. Sleigh

Scrolled head and foot boards - generally made from hardwoods - create a sleigh-like look to to this generally large bed. Ornate carvings, or iron work, are often found in the details as well, giving the bed a very dated look that is popular with antique collectors.

11. Platform

A platform bed is just that - a platform of varying height upon which your bed rests rather than upon a box spring or similar support and bed frame. These have gained popularity due to the surge of memory foam purchases that usually require more of a flat surface for proper support and warranty issues.

12. Folding

Folding beds often double as a table surface or other piece of furniture - such as an ottoman - until it is time for bed. These are great alternative to more traditional beds if you like in a small apartment or loft and want to take advantage of the space you do have.

13. Cabin

The cabin bed takes a page out of the loft bed design, and is generally lifted, or may even be into a wall as a recess at varying heights. This serves to keep your floor space open and typically comes with a lot of storage compartments as well. Often you will find these to be popular with families with small children, as the added hideaways and designs are appealing to little minds.

14. Storage

Beds that lift up to expose storage areas underneath are increasing in popularity with small apartment dwellers. Custom designs can include racks for shoe organization, drawers, and even hanging racks to help keep your clothes organized!

15. Divan

Divans are the perfect mix between platform and storage beds. For the most part they are a storage compartment usually designed with a series of drawers, although they can be customized. Your mattress sits on top and occasionally they also have a soft headboard - making it look like any other bed - except it’s much more functional.

16. Panel

A panel bed has flat, decorative headboards (and occasionally footboards) that are similar to wall paneling, hence the name. The base of these boards are typically wooden, but covered in plush cloth, ironwork, or other decorative items. It may actually be attached to the wall your bed rest against itself as well.

17. Adjustable

Adjustable bed platforms aren’t just for hospitals anymore. Ergonomic mattress bases have become more and more popular to help customize your sleep and provide support exactly where you need it. Typically these can only be used with a foam mattress due to their ability to flex more readily.

What Are You Waiting For?

When planning a decorative remodel, don’t only focus on the areas your guests will see first and leave out your own personal comfort zone. Bedroom decorating and bed design should be just as important a choice when getting what you want. Don’t sacrifice your personal style due to a lack of options, and turn your sleeping spaces into a comfort zone using one of the many selections detailed above. No matter how large or small a space you have to work with, there is a choice calling your name. Bedding and pillow option, plus decorative detail, round out your bedroom and guest room renovations to make falling into bed each night something to look forward to.