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Colours of Autumn and Winter for a Warm Bedroom

When it comes to decorating my bedroom, I have a set or two of summer bedding and a couple of sets of bedding that are perfect for making the bedroom feel warmer during winter.



I'm not one of those people who conform to trends by swapping and changing my bed linen, curtains and fabric accessories anytime someone tells me 'This is the Colour of the Year!'. I have a couple of sets of bed linen and a set of curtains that I keep for the spring and summer months, and a few sets of winter bedding and curtains that I pull out when it starts to get colder.








In all the years I have been doing interior design articles and researching styles and trends, I believe it is up to the person themselves to decide whether they want to change the look and feel of a room every single year or opt for a sensible colour that looks good all year round until it's time for a change. The same applies to my bedding and accessories. It can get pretty expensive if you have to keep buying new stuff just because yellow is the colour for this year, or blue for the next year, and so on. I have cool, brightly coloured bedding for the warmer seasons and a set of warm colours that are perfect for making the bedroom feel warmer when the temperature drops.


When decorating your bedroom for the seasons, especially when the temperature changes so drastically between summer and winter, having two or more sets of bedding and curtains is a wise choice. You can paint the walls and trim in a neutral colour that works with almost any colour and let the colour, pattern and texture of bedding and accessories finish off the room. It's also a great way to save money from not having to buy new stuff every year just to keep up with the trends.








Having a summer and winter set of curtains is also sensible in helping to keep your bedroom warm when it's chilly outside. A thicker set of curtains for winter will keep draughts from windows out of the room and help insulate the room and keep it toasty warm. When spring arrives, simply clean, fold up and put your heavy winter curtains away and bring out the summer lightweights.








Autumn colours are perfect for adding to a bedroom to make it feel welcoming and warmer. Just the colours on their own add warmth, tricking the mind into thinking the room is warmer and lulling you into relaxation, and when you pile on texture with layered throws and blankets, you are all set for hibernating to the bedroom for winter.

Whether you prefer a bedroom with a bold burst of colour like Pantone's Living Coral (above) or something a little more laid back like Cinnamon and Spice (below), there's no denying that these colours bring warmth into the bedroom.



Be sensible when shopping for bed linen and accessories for the master bedroom and invest in quality fabrics in colours that suit the seasons. Cool hues like blues and greens are perfect for when it's hot and you need to cool down the bedroom, while autumn hues will let you warm up the space when the cold wind blows outside.

Choose a set of curtains that complement your choice of cooler colours - or keep it neutral with whites or palest hues, and do the same with a heavy set of winter curtains. These sets should last a long time, or until you think it's time for a change. Buying quality bedding also means that you will feel more luxurious in bed and will last longer.



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