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Refresh Built-In Closet in 30 Seconds!

Taking advantage of a special offer at Builders Warehouse, I refreshed my BIC doors in 30 seconds using rectangular mirrors.


ABOVE and BELOW: After and before of the built-in closet doors with added framed mirrors





My local Builders Warehouse had a grand re-launch this weekend and I was able to take advantage of a few special offers on already discounted prices. One bargain I did manage to scoop was a trio of framed rectangular mirrors at under R300 for the lot. I wanted to secure these onto the BIC doors in my small dressing room to brighten up the space.

I took a couple of before and after pictures so that you can see the difference it made to add the mirrors, and I'm not able to see myself from head-to-foot while getting dressed, while previously it was only a head shot!

Another benefit of installing the mirrors is that I can now dry and style my hair easier than before, and can even see what the back of my hair looks like!







The framed mirrors don't look that great at the back, and I could have probably knocked them up myself for almost nothing excluding the cost of the mirrors. But I don't have a lot of time free at the moment and decided to buy the mirrors while on special.





To attach the mirrors to the BIC doors I used double-sided tape. I prefer the Alcolin brand double-sided tape because it basically sticks to anything. I added strips at the top and bottom, and along the sides of the frame.

Rectangular framed mirrors on special offer at Builders Warehouse



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