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Things to Consider Before you Buy a 4-Post Bed

4-Post beds might look stunning in certain settings but give serious consideration to whether it would fit or look good in your own bedroom.




Since medieval times the 4-post bed has been a popular bed design for a bedroom large or small. The design of the 4-post bed was originally designed to have a way to close off the bed in draughty castles and manor houses but that isn't the case anymore and the reason why the beds no longer have curtains that surround the bed. Even the fabric canopy that used to drape over the top of the bed has disappeared now that houses have ceilings installed.

There is no denying that a 4-post bed can bring drama and romance to a bedroom and there are plenty of bed designs to choose from that would be suitable for a rustic home or a contemporary pad. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you opt for a 4-post bed and end up with a bedroom with no space to move around:



1. Is the ceiling high enough?

 By their very design, 4-post beds take up a lot of space, mostly in height, so putting a 4-post bed in a room with a standard or low ceiling would be a mistake. These beds already visually occupy a space and if the room has a lower ceiling than average, chances are it is going to overpower the room. The ideal is to have a least one-metre headspace between the top of the bed and the ceiling if you want the room to flow and the bed to look perfect.



If you have your heart set on a 4-post bed design but do not have high ceilings, shop for a design that is streamlined.









2. Is the room large enough

With most 4-post bed designs finished in dark wood or metal, these beds are imposing and demand plenty of space around them. It would be silly to try and cram a 4-post bed into a small bedroom and have no space left to move around. We exclude 4-post beds for children's rooms as these are generally smaller beds that do not take up the same amount of floor space.



The ideal sized bedroom would allow at least one metre at either side of the bed and 2 metres at the base of the bed.



3. Is the room bright enough?

In a bedroom that does not receive a lot of natural light throughout the day, a dark finished 4-post bed would not be a good option. This is where you might need to do a bit more online searching to find a 4-post bed in a more minimalist design and lighter colour, whether wood or painted finish. It is so easy to let a bed overpower a room rather than be a feature or focal point and this will feel stifling and uncomfortable after a while.







In a bedroom that doesn't receive a lot of natural light, use fabrics and textiles in neutral colours.



4. Is the room organised?

Because a 4-post bed dominates a bedroom, you will want to ensure that the room is as clutter-free as possible. Remove decor accessories that are not necessary and rather focus on one or two pieces that add interest. Another point that matters when selecting a 4-post bed in a reasonably-sized bedroom is to keep prints to a minimum or opt for smaller print patterns on curtains and bed linen. Larger prints attract too much attention and will make the room feel busy while plain curtains and bed linens will enhance the design of the bed.



Dress a bedroom with a 4-post bed to complement the bed itself and keep clutter to a minimum.





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