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How To Warm Up A Cold Bathroom

I have a south-facing bathroom on the east side of my house that is freezing during winter and I want to know how to warm this room without spending a fortune.



I headed the title for this article as a question because I receive so many enquiries in this regard and also have a bathroom that is freezing cold in winter. I don't want to rip out floor tiles for underfloor heating and I don't want to have to remove wall tiles to have a heated towel rail installed, so what are the options that are affordable and will warm a cold bathroom?

So that you can make an informed decision, we look at various tricks you can put into use to warm a cold bathroom without having to resort to ripping out floor or wall tiles or doing very little other than cosmetic improvements.







Install A Panel Heater

One of the easiest and most effective ways to warm a bathroom is by installing a panel heater. These affordable radiant heaters are available in various sizes and are easy to mount onto a bathroom wall.



The installation of a panel heater in the bathroom will need to be done by a certified Electrician, so take the time to decide where you want to place the heater. It will need to be out of the way but still in a position to warm up the entire room. An electrician will install the required plug socket and outlet point in line with South African standards and regulations.



You can also use the panel heater as a heated towel rail with the installation of a towel rail in front of the panel heater. However, do ensure that the towel rail you purchase provides enough clearance in front of the panel heater so that the towel is far enough away from the surface of the heater. A panel heater costs from R600 upwards and is available in different brands and sizes at stores such as Makro, Takealot and online.

If your bathroom has little wall space, there are panel heaters that can be fitted into the ceiling, which avoids the possibility of having to drill into tiled walls. Again, a certified electrician or the original supplier must do the installation for you.










Paint in Warm Colours

It might seem a bit strange that paint colours can warm up a room but plenty of research has gone into colour psychology and how it affects both mind and body and paint colours can indeed make any room feel warmer and particularly a bathroom. Just think about it, walk into a bathroom that is all white and you feel fresh and clean, add blue to a bathroom and it brings about a feeling of cool and calm. You can achieve the opposite by using warm colours in a bathroom.


Not only can you use paint colours to warm up the room you can also use fabrics and textiles. Think luxurious towels in deep reds or warm orange and it will instantly feel warmer when you walk into the room.

Give careful consideration to the colours you choose for a bathroom and whether you want it to be cool or warm. You don't have to select coloured tiles, which you could end up hating later on and which quickly become dated, but you can use paint to bring colour and add warm textures with towels, rugs and mats.







Put Rugs on the Floor

You wouldn't normally have rugs in the bathroom but they are a great way to keep your feet off cold floor tiles. You don't have to keep the rugs in the room all year round, but take them out when it gets colder and it will make a bathroom feel cosier.


Try to select floor rugs that bring warm colours into the room, perhaps in earthy hues or colours from the warm side of the colour wheel. The thicker the pile the warmer the carpet and feel of luxury underfoot. In a bathroom shared by the whole family, remember to hang the rugs outdoors during the day if they become wet.





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