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Grubby grout in bathrooms and kitchens

One easy way to give bathrooms and kitchens a makeover is to regrout tiles to fix areas where grout is crumbling or falling out of joints.



White grout gets grubby over time, even with regular cleaning and while it's now possible to add a grout sealer to protect grout lines, if the grout is already stained - your best bet is to regrout.





New products are continuously being launched for the home DIY-er. These products not only make DIY easier, but they have added advantages. Cement-based grout is an inexpensive way to regrout tiles, but if you want a lasting finish for a bathroom or kitchen, use a grout with added polymers.

A modified latex liquid additive for cementitious adhesives and grouts not only enhances the bond strength but increases flexibility and water resistance of the adhesive/grout when used as a total water replacement in the mix. You will find this product on the shelf at your local Builders Warehouse.









Follow these steps to ensure a long-lasting and good-looking grout job:


Step 1

Thoroughly remove any mildew and soap scum before cutting grout out of the joints.



Step 2

You will need to cut out the old grout to at least half the depth of the tile. Attach the grout removal accessory to the end of the MultiTool. Instructions should be provided with the grout removal accessory and be sure to purchase the correct fitting for your particular multitool.

Lay down newspaper or a drop cloth below the area where you will be working to help contain any mess.



Step 3

Switch on the multitool and gently lower into the grout. The attachment makes it easy to control the movement of the bit, so that you will not damage the edges of the tiles.



Step 4

Apply the replacement grout at a 45-degree angle to the tile. Work it thoroughly into the spaces between tiles so there are no air ­bubbles or gaps.

Step 5

Use a sponge to remove as much excess grout as possible while it's wet. It's easier to do at this stage than when it's dry.

Step 6

Finish off with TAL Grout Sealer to ensure that grout stays whiter and cleaner for longer.