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4 Common Bathroom Problems & How to Deal With Them

We take a look at some simple solutions to common bathroom problems.



As a homeowner, it is not uncommon to discover bathroom issues in your home. In fact, there are many common bathroom problems but the beauty is that you can solve many on your own, quickly and inexpensively. You may be bothered by a wobbly toilet seat or get frustrated by a slow tub drain, causing the tub to fill with water when you shower. Well, let us look at some simple solutions to common bathroom problems.







Clogged showerhead

It gets bothersome when you know your water pressure is on the correct limits, but the water is still coming out of the showerhead with a weak spray. Quite often, the problem is likely mineral deposits formed inside your showerhead, partially obstructing the flow holes.

Fortunately, the solution is affordable, non-toxic, and requires an item you probably have in your cupboard. Yes, you can simply use white vinegar. Just follow the following steps:


Fill a plastic baggie about halfway up with white vinegar.

Lift the filled bag up and over the showerhead, submerging the showerhead holes in the vinegar.

Secure the bag with a rubber band or even use a twist-tie.

Let the showerhead soak overnight.

Remove the bag of vinegar. You may want to gently scrub around the holes with a soft brush before turning on the water.

Your showerhead should be clean and ready to work as it was again.


Faucet leaks

Leaky faucets in your bathroom can waste thousands of gallons per year. This will needlessly increase your water bills in the process. Your house can also start developing molds that can cause structural damage over time. Now, you will have to remove the faucet and take it to a hardware to get it checked. It might be that part of the faucet will need to be replaced or you might as well need to buy a brand new faucet to fix the issue.


Wobbly toilet seat

This is another common bathroom problem you may face. Perhaps you might be forced to tighten the nuts on your toilet seat belts every few days, but it always seems to loosen up again. The solution to the problem is an inexpensive item called a toilet seat tightening kit. The kit lets you install washers that keep the nuts and bolts securely. The job will only take about fifteen minutes or so of your time, and the problem will be solved!







Dripping water supply valve

If your water supply valve is dripping, you may not need to replace it. You can first try tightening the packing nut. This is probably a two-minute fix that will often take care of the problem. You can only call in a plumber if the issue persists.


Wrap up

All said and done, we know that bathroom issues can be annoying especially if they crop up frequently. What you need to realize though is that there are inexpensive and less time-consuming ways through which you can fix issues. That said, ensure you always buy quality plumbing materials to avoid bathroom problems.


Author Bio: Worked with several magazines and online journals, David Brown is currently leading the editorial team at Outreach Monks. His distant vision and creative inputs have helped brands acquire new markets. 





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