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Fix up loose bathroom fittings

When you buy fittings and shelves, these usually come with plastic wall plugs and screws for mounting and the first thing you need to do is throw away the plastic wall plugs, because they are useless!



The problem of loose fixtures is a common one. If you have a fixture like a towel rail or ring that is mounted onto the wall with plastic wall plugs there's a good chance it will eventually begin to pull away from the wall.

Solve this problem by replacing plastic wall plugs with nylon wall plugs, such as the Fischer range of fasteners, and you won't have this problem ever again. You will find the full range of Fischer wall plugs or Rawlplug fittings and accessories at your local Builders Warehouse.



Plastic wall plugs simply do not have the same tensile strength as nylon ones. Continuous movement, such as with bathroom fittings and curtains rails, means that plastic wall plugs lose their grip in the wall and become loose.









Removing loose fittings shouldn't be too much of a problem, since they are already starting to collapse. Unscrew the existing rail or ring bracket and use long-nose pliers to wiggle the plastic wall anchors out of the wall. Pop in suitably-sized nylon wall plugs and screw the rail or ring bracket back in place.



GOOD TO KNOW: It is essential that holes drilled for wall plugs be about 10mm longer than the length of the wall plug being used. The reason for this is that, when driving in the screw, the wall plug is able to expand fully to fit tight and snug in the wall.