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A Compact Bathtub Makes a Bathroom Look Bigger

A freestanding bathtub is one way to turn your bathroom into a spa experience, but what if you don't have the space?


Many homeowners want the luxury of a soaker bathtub in the their master suite bathroom, but few have the space to be able to fit a freestanding tub in the room. If you have a small or cramped bathroom, you can still turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat - just opt for a small more compact bath.





A spa bathroom is definitely high on the list when it comes to bathroom renovations and improvements, but not everyone has the space to create a full-on spa experience. However, there are plenty of options to consider when wanting to install a freestanding soaker tub and it pays to remember that sometimes smaller is better.

Many of us love a good soak at the end of the day, or perhaps you're one of those that takes a quick shower during the week and spends time in the tub on the weekend. Whatever your reason for wanting a soaker tub in the bathroom, you need to have enough space to install it.







Nowadays there are all types of bathtub styles available, from long to short, oval and circular, or freestanding baths that add elegance and style to any bathroom. What you need to decide on is the size of the bath that will fit into your new bathroom design.

Circular Baths for Compact Bathrooms

Inspired by Japanese soaker tubs, circular bathtubs are increasing in popularity due to their small footprint. With an average size of around 1350 x 1350 x 600mm, circular tubs can be placed in a corner or freestanding in a small space. While certainly more expensive than your average rectangular-shaped bath, there's no denying that a circular tub brings something elegant and contemporary to any bathroom.

As far as space saving is concerned, a circular bath takes up the least amount of space of all the different shapes you find. And in a small bathroom you definitely don't want to have a bath that fills up the room and leaves little room for anything else. The next shape to consider if you have slightly more space is an oval shape.

If you have your heart set on a modern oval bath but don't have the space for a shower and bath, convert the oval bath into a rain shower - a dual purpose experience!





Modern Slipper Baths for Small Bathrooms

Slipper baths have been around for many years, but you can now buy a more modern design on this old classic bath shape. Freestanding slipper baths might not be as compact as circular or oval tubs, but they do take up less space than a conventional fitted bath and can be arranged to fit into a corner or along a wall, making it easier to design a bathroom around the shape.

There is something so timeless and elegant about a slipper bath. These baths bring a new level of sophistication to a master suite, even one that is slightly on the small side. The design of a slipper bath makes them perfect as a soaker tub, with their single or double raised ends that offer additional comfort for when taking a long, relaxing soak at the end of a hard day at work.

When deciding on a slipper bath for your new bathroom, you can choose between the romantic curves of a cast iron, reinforced Perspex or acrylic slipper bath design, or go more modern with newer designs.

When shopping for your new bathtub, don't only consider the length and width of the tub, but also the depth. If you are wanting to create the perfect bathroom experience, a deeper tub will let you submerge your body and be more relaxed and comfortable.




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