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Luxurious copper, brass, cast iron and mosaic baths

This range of copper, cast iron, and mosaic baths transform any bathroom into a luxurious hotel-worthy space.


More than just luxury, William Holland handcrafted bath tubs are generous in their proportions and lend themselves to perfectly sculpted design. These luxurious tubs can be treated with finishes that range from brushed copper, verdigris, gold leaf, and brass, as well as a selection of coloured enamels.

Copper and brass bath tubs retain heat and keep the water temperature warm long after you're wrapped up in a towel. They are beautiful features that are durable and last a lifetime. That's why boutique hotels, luxury developers, and interior designers choose these beautiful pieces.

Turn bathing into a relaxing experience that allows you to pamper yourself and soothe body and soul. Quickly becoming the most sought after bathroom trend, these tubs are more than just an essential fitting for a bathroom - they are an indulgence. Copper or brass tubs are designed to create an inviting, warm setting in any bathroom.

Today's bathroom is more about an elegant lifestyle, and with copper or brass bathtubs there is more than meets the eye. Consider that pure copper tubs require little maintenance since copper only requires a rinse and dry after use. Copper also eliminates bacteria, as the bacteria cannot survive on the surface of copper.

Copper and brass bathtubs are less likely to scratch when compared to other tub materials. In fact, copper heals itself and that's why copper has a characteristic known as a 'living finish'. Over time, copper gradually darkens as it ages, taking on a patina that is hard to replicate in any other material. 




Cast iron claw foot bathtubs were considered a luxury item in the nineteenth century. While they have become more affordable today, claw foot bathtubs still retain their charm and adding some vintage charm may just turn your bathroom into the jewel of your home!

Few bathtubs can compete with the warmth and comfort of a cast iron enamelled bathtub. With the practical and durable design, cast iron bathtubs are available in a variety of elegantly finished designs that offer an enduring statement of strength and beauty. Below you will find a selection of cast iron tub styles from the Recor range (, available in South Africa.

Today's modern cast iron bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and styles; from claw foot bathtubs that feature sleek design, and can even be finished with mosaic tile detail. The interior of the bath is enamelled for a tough finish that outlives traditional acrylic baths. What's nice about owning or investing in a cast iron bathtub is that it can easily be restored or refinished when necessary.

Anyone who has owned a cast iron bathtub will confirm that the greatest delight in owning one of these tubs is the bathing experience. The sheer indulgence of relaxing and washing away the stress.

Claw foot bathtubs are no longer considered suitable only for vintage or traditional bathrooms - they suit any decor style and fit into modern and contemporary homes. And a free-standing cast iron claw foot bathtub that doesn't need to be installed against a wall gives you even more freedom to design the perfect bathroom.



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