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Every Bathroom should have a Beautiful Mirror

Just like sanitary ware,  every bathroom needs a mirror; but not just any mirror - one that is both functional and beautiful.



Sanitary ware are essential components for every bathroom, from toilet to tub, you can't have a bathroom without these. So why would you design a bathroom that only has a small mirror in a medicine cabinet or a tiny mirror over the bathroom sink? The addition of a beautiful mirror adds a stylish accent feature that is also functional and should be considered an essential element for every bathroom.

Walk into any home decor store and you will see that there are so many different types of mirrors that can be used to decorate a bathroom, and most don't come with an exorbitant price tag. If you want to add a huge impact to your average bathroom, a large framed mirror will not only look fantastic in space, it will also serve to create a visual illusion of a larger bathroom.

Take a look at your bathroom and decide the best place for mounting a mirror... or two or three - and then decide on the style of mirror that would work perfectly in the room.




Suspended Mirror

If you are not happy about drilling holes into your bathroom walls or would prefer to hang mirrors in an awkward location, you should consider the option for suspended mirrors. These are just the thing if you have limited wall space and where hanging a mirror can be a challenge. Rather than mounting onto walls that could be used for shelves or storage, suspend the mirror or mirrors from the ceiling. Just make sure to secure to a strong ceiling beam.




Hanging mirrors from the ceiling will enhance the functionality of a bathroom, leaving the walls free for other uses and allowing you to suspend mirrors exactly where you want them.

Mirror Feature Wall

Many bathrooms have small windows that don't let in a lot of natural light; using mirrors to bounce and reflect light around the room is an alternative to having more lighting installed. Where a bathroom lacks a large window, you can use a mirror feature wall to both create the illusion of a larger space and to reflect light.

In the absence of being able to buy packs of mirror tiles, you may need to approach a glass and mirror company to cut mirrors to custom sizes for your mirror feature wall.

Many tile and bathroom suppliers are stocking mirror tiles in assorted sizes and shapes that can also be used as a substitute for mirrors. These tiles also reflect light around a small bathroom and add an interesting feature, but this option can be on the pricey side.




Mirror, Mirror, on the Walls

An easy and effective way to add light and create the illusion of space in the bathroom is to add mirrors, but why settle for one when many will do! I love the idea of mirrors on walls and think the idea of installing more than one is great for a bathroom needing that extra bit of oomph to take it from boring to beautiful.

Mix it up with different shapes and styles for an eclectic look that is both playful and practical, or use mirrors to create a vintage, classical look or add to the artsy, creative feel of a bathroom.

And let's not forget about making a big statement with mirrors, one that will transform any bathroom into a luxurious space... layering mirrors. Using this method you can achieve a look that is elegant and sophisticated - one that is perfect if you are looking for ideas for your master suite.

Using layered mirrors adds dimension to a bathroom and more than lights up the space. Use downlights and sconces and other small decorative and reflective materials to carry on the illusion and then fill up the tub, light the candles and soak up the reflective ambience,

Mirrors in a bathroom are as essential as any other fitting or fixture. You need a mirror to do your grooming but you don't have to sacrifice on style. Use mirrors to create a bathroom that is stylish and anything but ordinary.



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