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Quick Tip: Replace dual-flush button

Nothing is designed to last these days. The dual-flush button on the toilet recently decided enough was enough and snapped off. Here's a quick guide to replacing the button assembly.





Unlike conventional toilets that have a flush handle, a dual-flush toilet is fitted with a button at the top. This push button is divided into two sections: one for a light flush and one for heavy flush. Like many items manufactured today, it consists of plastic components and isn't designed to last for long.









The push button on my toilet decided enough was enough and the one section broke off, making it impossible to flush the toilet. A quick trip to my local Builders Warehouse and I was surprised to find exactly what I needed to replace the dual-flush button (at a cost of around R80).



To remove and replace the push button assembly, lift up the lid so that it rests against the wall and allows easy access to the assembly. Unscrew the ring that holds the assembly in place and then unclip the flush system. Now you can simply screw on the new push button assembly, clip the flush system back in place and the problem is sorted.