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Fix chipped or cracked tiles

Chipped or cracked tiles can happen and it's nice to know that there are ways to fix these problems if you need to.



Chipped or cracked tiles can happen in any home - at any time. Tiles themselves are not flexible and they are fixed onto a surface that sometimes cracks. In a new home, settling of the foundation can cause cracks to occur. Another reason that tiles may crack is faulty workmanship, where tiles are not bedded properly during installation. Whatever the reason for cracked tiles, we show you a few easy ways to disguise cracks in tiles if you're not looking to replace tiles.



When you're faced with a crack line that goes through one or more tiles, and you don't have the budget available to replace these tiles - or the entire floor - try one of these quick fixes to disguise the crack to make it less visible.









Use silicone or acrylic sealer

Hairline cracks in light coloured tiles can be disguised simply by squeezing a little silicone or acrylic sealer into the crack and pushing this in with your finger. Wipe away any excess immediately.



Use nail polish

Nail polish now comes in such a wide range of colours that it is possible to find - or mix - a specific colour to match your existing tiles. Once you've mixed up a batch of matching colour, apply this to the cracks in the tile/s. Any excess nail varnish can be wiped off with a dab of acetone or nail varnish remover. I've included a video below if you want more information on using nail varnish to disguise hairline cracks in tiles.




Chips in tiles most commonly occur when something is dropped on the tiles, resulting in the ceramic glaze being chipped to reveal the base of the tile. This, too, can be fixed up using a variety of methods.



Use nail polish

Once again, nail polish can be used to disguise chips in tiles. Select a solid colour, or a combination of colours, that match your existing tiles and fill in the chip. The video below shows how easy it is to fill a chipped tile using nail polish. 



Use hobby enamel paints

Hobby enamel paints are an easy way to disguise chips and are a better choice if you aren't able to find the right nail varnish colours. Hobby enamels come in a large selection of colours that can be mixed and dabbed into a chipped area to disguise a chipped tiles.