Ceramic Tile Bathroom Ideas When Renovating Your Bathroom

Here are five tile bathroom ideas to consider when renovating your bathroom.



Tiles can become a great material to cover a bathroom's floors and walls. It's easy-to-clean, fade-resistant, and long-lasting. Also, you can choose among different tile designs for your bathroom. However, you might have difficulties in choosing the right design for your bathroom.


Here are five tile bathroom ideas to consider when renovating this particular area of the house.




1. The Warm and Modern Look

The bathroom may be one of the rooms in your house with plenty of traffic. Houseguests may even ask to use your bathroom. Thus, you might consider using ceramic tile bathroom ideas that bring "life" to this specific area of your dwelling.

You can achieve that goal by choosing ceramic tiles that offer a warm and modern appearance. Consider using tiles with a reddish, wooden look. For example, a tile with a similar design to redwood can help emanate an inviting atmosphere.

Also, you can highlight this design choice by choosing bathroom fixtures that won't stand out too much. Instead, opt for the minimalist approach. For instance, consider using simple-looking faucets. Furthermore, you may want to install showers and toilets without all the bells and whistles.




2. The Outdoor Look

Specific individuals might like to bask in the great outdoors as they go about their private businesses inside their bathrooms. If you're like these people, consider getting tiles to help match that theme.

Large bathroom tiles may be an ideal choice for this design choice. Tiles with large dimensions help deliver a feeling of vastness, even if your bathroom might be small. You can also combine both ceramic and porcelain tiles to create a vignette look. In doing so, the final appearance may create an illusion of a larger space while letting you feel both artistic and luxurious.

If you want to opt for only ceramic tiles for the entire room, you may want to consider painting bathroom tiles. It may be a challenging Do-It-Yourself (DIY) task, but the results may be satisfying upon completion. Otherwise, you can always consult the services of a professional for this endeavor.




3. The Classic Monochrome Approach

Combining black and white tiles may be a choice not suited for every homeowner. However, placing monochrome-style tiles in the bathroom, along with the right fixtures, will create a classic, chessboard look.

This black-and-white pairing creates a simple yet striking appearance. This contrast in characteristics helps create a harmonious blend. It's akin looking at the Yin and Yang.

Furthermore, covering your bathroom floors and walls with these tiles may offer a sense of refinement in the location. Also, black and white tiles may be an excellent choice for small spaces.




4. Mosaic Stripes on a White Wall

Specific homeowners may want a bit of fun regarding their bathroom designs. If you have white ceramic tiles for your bathroom walls, consider adding a strip of mosaic tile on the area for your next home renovation project.

This strip can help break the neutral look of a white-tiled wall. Thus, the slight burst of a different tile shape and color can help create a touch of "magic" so the area won't look too dull.

Consider adding one or two stripes to a white-colored bathroom wall. Also, make sure to place these stripes strategically. You may want to call for the help of home renovation and design experts to assist you in this undertaking.




5. The Neutral Honeycomb Look

If you have a glass-door shower, consider replacing the standard square tiles in your bathroom with a honeycomb design. Ceramic honeycomb designs can help create dynamism in the area. The rectangular structure of the area might look too repetitive if you keep your square ceramic tiles.

Also, you may want to choose a lively pattern for the honeycomb tiles. However, it may be easy to go overboard with this design. Instead, opt for a neutral palette, so the appearance of these tiles won't be too "loud."

Furthermore, you don't have to renovate the floors or walls of your entire bathroom for these tiles. You can replace one section of the room with these ceramic honeycomb tiles. That design choice can help break the monotonous appearance of your bathroom.


Clean Your Tiles

Remember to keep your new ceramic bathroom tiles as clean as possible. Even if ceramics are durable and water-resistant, it doesn't mean you don't have to care for them.

Cleaning the grout is one excellent way to ensure your ceramic tiles will last for a long time. After all, home renovation projects may become expensive investments. Thus, you need to ensure that the tiles you choose can last for years to come.





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