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Quick Tip: Brush Hair before you Shower

The number one cause of a blocked shower drain is hair... long hair - so brush before you shower!



If you, or anyone else in your family, has long hair, you have probably already experienced a blocked shower drain on more than a few occasions. Long hair is the main cause of a blocked drain in the shower, as the hair tends to get stuck on soap scum and clump into knots that get larger and larger until they no longer allow water to flow out of the drain.

An easy way to prevent hair build up in a shower drain, is to brush and detangle your hair before you shower. A quick brush before you jump in the shower will cut down on hair loss down the drain.









Easy Ways to Clear a Blocked Drain


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One of the easiest ways to clear a blocked shower drain, and without getting your hands dirty, is to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Fit the hose of the vacuum snugly into the drain and switch on. Try not to have any gaps around the hose in order to exert maximum suction to clear the blockage.









Another simple trick that works wonders from removing hair from blocked drains - any drains- use a curtain wire with  a hook on the end. It's small enough to fit through most drain holes - and definitely into a shower drain, and grips to blockage to make it easier to pull out and rinse the drain clean.



An easy trick that I have used myself on several occasions is to use an old coat hanger and bend the end into a small hook. Insert this into the drain and wiggle around to catch as much of the blockage as you can. Pull out and repeat if necessary, before rinsing the drain clean.




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