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Classic Black & White Bathrooms

Black and white is a classic colour combination for any room, but definitely for a bathroom. Combine glossy white tiles and walls with matt or satin black features and accessories for a look that is timeless, sophisticated and classic.


From the suburban home to high-rise apartment, the combination of black and white always elevates any space. These are colours that can be incorporated into almost any decorating style and never fail to add an element of classic elegance.

Paired together, the combination of black and white are perfect for a bathroom where you want to create a look that is dramatic and elegant. With white walls and trim, black accents impart a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere in any size or bathroom layout. You can opt for black and white mosaic tiles, a line of black tiles surrounded by white, a feature wall. or use black to highlight furniture and fittings. This colour combination makes a high impact statement while keeping a bathroom looking clean without appearing sterile.

Unlike many other colours, black and white in bathroom won't age with the passing of time, and it can be adapted to suit any taste - whether you prefer to keep it traditional, or go towards a more modern theme.

There are many ways to add black to your bathroom. If you prefer not to add or remove floor or walls tiles, look at cosmetic ways to incorporate black in an all-white bathroom, such as painting a bathroom vanity in a matt or satin black and dressing this up with satin chrome handles and knobs for added elegance.

For walls without tiles, horizontal stripes are a great way to visually widen a cramped bathroom, so why not use stripes to introduce black into the bathroom or powder room.

Black and white are considered truly classic, but that doesn't mean you can't stamp your own personality on the room. Black looks great when paired with silver or gold, so don't be afraid to bring in some glam with decorative mirror frames, or framed pictures.

Hexagonal tiles in black and white are now available locally at select tile retailers around the country. Check out the mosaic range from

Floors are the perfect way to incorporate black into a bathroom, and black is back in fashion for a wide selection of floor and wall tiles. See the Versilia black ceramic floor tiles at CTM, or the black Settecento wall tiles at Italtile. Or go glossy black with Cube Negro available at Italtile.

If you prefer to fit your bathroom with something a little less ordinary, consider the range of cement tiles available locally and finished with patterns ranging from Moroccan to Mexican. These tiles are handmade using basic earth components to provide an almost indestructible and decorative floor tile.


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