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Bathrooms - The New Interior Statement?

As bathroom design trends evolve, a new approach is emerging with people utilising the interior as a style statement



In days gone by, the bathroom was considered a purely functional space that required little attention with regards to decor. Thankfully this has all changed, as bathroom interior design is now very much a priority for most homeowners.

As bathroom design trends evolve, a new approach is emerging with people utilising the interior as a style statement. From subtle accents that anchor the room to opulent features that demand to be noticed, in today’s post, we’ll be looking at exactly how you can make your bathroom the star of the show - delivering a striking finish that’s as stylish as it is functional.

Photo by Robert Nelson on Unsplash

Put patterns first

Patterns have become an integral feature of modern interior design over the past few years and can be a brilliant way to make a statement in any room of the house, especially the bathroom.

Whether you love vintage designs or contemporary geometric shapes, nowadays there are endless choices for patterned tiles available, making it possible to adorn bathroom walls and floors with patterns that are durable and practical.

However, before you dive right in, you should be selective about your patterns in order to ensure they are the true stand-out feature in the room. To do this, we’d recommend keeping things simple by choosing to lay patterned tiles either on the walls or the floor - not both. The striking pattern on the floor, for example, will instantly catch the eye and add a touch of elegance and interest, especially when paired with all-white walls and bathroom furniture.

Add a touch of glamour

Nothing says statement bathroom like a glamourous haven that’s kitted out with luxury looking fixtures and fittings, but this doesn’t have to be a room filled with high-priced furniture. As with patterns, it’s all about being selective with your choices to ensure every element of the room projects a premium feel, even if you’ve cut some corners with more budget-friendly items.

The aim of this style is to fully encapsulate luxury, so like a five-star hotel, every detail counts. If you have the space and financial resources, we’d suggest installing a free-standing statement bathtub in the centre of the room - providing the ideal focal point to tie the whole room together. Of course, if this isn’t feasible, there are other ways you can up the opulence factor.

For instance, using real or faux polished marble tiles on floors and walls will instantly make an impression and, if used throughout the room, can be a great way to make the room feel more spacious. If you dare, use some bold wallpaper on one of the walls (that isn’t going to get wet, of course) to bring a lavish and classic aesthetic. Finish the room with gold or brass taps and accessories and you’ll have an art deco style bathroom to enjoy every day of the week.

Photo by Jaquar

Go dark and dramatic

Cool blues and whites still remain a popular choice for bathrooms, but many statement bathrooms are now embracing their darker side by using dark grey, brown and black to create a moody and dramatic ambience. This colour palette definitely isn’t for the faint hearted, but when done correctly, a dark bathroom interior can be a welcome change to the traditional white and blue combination.

Firstly, you need to decide which camp you’re in - the ultra modern or the vintage-industrial. The former can be perfectly pulled together with high gloss surfaces like bathroom cabinets in jet black paired with a stark white bathroom suite. Finish the look with a state-of-the-art shower and smart mirror and you’ll have a contemporary style that will last for years.

For the latter, a slightly softer, raw finish is required to give your dramatic bathroom design a rustic charm that still demands to be noticed. Opt for dark wood furniture or upcycled pieces that have been given a distressed black or grey finish, then throw in some dark copper or brass accents like an old-fashioned copper bathtub or exposed pipework to heighten the industrial feel. Beautifully complemented by warm terracotta tones on the walls and floors, it may not be your typical black bathroom, but it will deliver a cosy and welcoming space that’s packed with character.

If you’re itching to make your bathroom the central focus of your home interior design, we hope these ideas will give you plenty of inspiration. Just remember that to make any statement interior work, you need to allow your taste, creativity and personality to shine throughout.


Author bio:

Alex Jones is a content writer for Jaquar, who specialize in complete luxury bathroom solutions – delivering everyday luxury to a global market.



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