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3 Steps to a Better Bathroom

If you are in the process of or thinking about, renovating a bathroom, here are 3 simple steps to consider.



If you are wanting to give the bathroom a renovation but aren't sure where to start, below are 3 simple steps that you can put to good use for a rewarding renovation.

With exception to a kitchen, bathrooms are generally considered as one of the most difficult rooms to renovate. When you consider that the rooms are typically very small in the average home, these rooms leave very little scope for renovation unless you plan to rip out and replace everything from scratch.


1. Define a style before you begin

When wanting to give a dated bathroom an update, you will need to consider replacing a few items such as the toilet, pedestal sink and old-fashioned bathtub. You wouldn't think there would be much to this apart from going out and buying what you need, but there are all types of different styles out there and you don't want to be overwhelmed when trying to make a choice. If you define a style before heading to the store, you will already have a good idea of what you want in the new bathroom and it will cut down on the hundreds of options available.

The easiest way to do some research is to go online and browse sanitary ware suppliers. This can be your local CTM or Italtile, or it can be a supplier that specialises in contemporary or vintage bathroom fittings. Not only will online shopping show you what's available, but it will also give you a guideline price that will assist in putting together a budget for the bathroom renovation.





With a style in mind - see what’s available. Without seeing all the choices you have it’s easy to get carried away!


Don't waste your time on Pinterest or Instagram as you will end up sadly disappointed if you are unable to find similar styles in our local market. Yes, you can use these sites for inspiration for the overall design, but not for the actual fittings featured. Keep your searches to local manufacturers or suppliers who keep items in stock.


If there is one thing about a budget that everyone expects - you always spend more than you should! But it is important to allow a little wiggle room just in case something goes wrong.







2. Work to a budget

Everyone has a budget for monthly expenses - a way of calculating your monthly payments, cost of groceries, travel and phone expenses and so on. The same applies to any improvements you do in the home. You want to set a limit on how much you have to spend on the renovation to ensure you don't put yourself in dire straights when you go over-budget and spend money needed for other essentials.

Having a budget will let you know where you can splurge on one or two luxury items, and where you need to save, perhaps on a tile that is more affordable and that fits in with your budget.


When deciding where to splurge and where to save money, consider that renovating a bathroom is one room where you get the most return on any monies spent. Fixtures and fittings - non-removable items add value to the home, so don't go cheap on these items. Spend well and enjoy your home!


3. Accessorize with flair and style

Towel rails, taps and furniture are accessories that complete any bathroom renovation. While you need to be choosy when picking sanitary ware and other fixed items, accessories can be used to finish off in a particular style, add contrast to a one-colour room, or introduce colour, texture and pattern. The point is not to go over the top and fill up the bathroom which will only add clutter. Look for cabinets and cupboards, either floor-standing or wall-mounted, that complement the finished look and add sufficient storage.

Window treatments such as roller or Roman blinds, shower curtains and towels are wonderful for a whimsical bathroom where you want an easy way to add bright, bold patterns, but you need to know where to draw the line between whimsical and downright cheesy! As the saying goes, keep it simple and you won't go wrong. If you are known for your lack of control and tend to go overboard - ask a friend for advice and control the urge!







Avoid filling a bathroom with items that have no reason to be there - rather opt for simple, practical accessories.




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