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Is it a Good Idea to Hire a House Cleaning Service?

I have been cleaning my house on my own for the past few months since my domestic moved away, but now I am thinking of hiring a house cleaning service.






If you are tired of coming home in the evenings and spending your free time on weekends cleaning your home, perhaps it is time to consider hiring a house cleaning service. When my domestic moved a few months ago, I was between deciding to hire a replacement or doing the work myself. After a couple of months of doing it myself, I then decided to hire someone to help out. After the first one arrived late and left early and didn't put in much of an effort, the second one didn't turn out any better. So, I'm back to square one and seriously thinking about hiring a house cleaning service.



When you are in the market for a house cleaning service, it pays to keep in mind that there are factors that affect the cost of any cleaning service, from the size of the home, how many bedrooms and bathrooms and other services that you might require. To understand what is involved, continue reading below.









1. Size matters

When signing up for a house cleaning service you will be asked for the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This is how the cost is calculated and the more rooms that you have the more it will cost. That makes sense when you consider that they calculate in terms of hours needed to complete the job and to give you a final price. Obviously, if you have a large home with lots of rooms to clean, you are going to pay more for the service.



When signing up with SweepSouth I completed the online questionnaire and added extra cleaning services that I required, and the total came to 7 hours at a total cost of R334. That's only R34 more than what I was paying my domestic and it included extra cleaning that she would not have normally done. I'd say that it is a BIG plus. You also need to take into consideration that you are not paying for their transport to and from the job and don't have to pay any incidentals such as pension, medical aid and UIF.







Apart from basic cleaning, make sure the house cleaning service offers extras such as cleaning an oven or refrigerator, cleaning windows and other cleaning tasks you need done regularly.




2. Cleaning services required


Using the SweepSouth app that you can download online, you are asked to tick the extra services you need. The extra services are for jobs such as cleaning the oven or refrigerator, cleaning inside cupboards, laundry and ironing, cleaning interior windows and so on. I think it is a comprehensive selection of tasks that need to be done in the home.



Basic cleaning is extremely affordable, and you can choose one week to clean the oven or refrigerator, the next week to clean cupboards, a week for cleaning windows and so on. By the end of each month, all your outstanding cleaning jobs will be sorted, and you didn't have to do a thing! Extra cleaning services come at extra cost but having requested the basic cleaning and extra cleaning service, I was pleasantly surprised at the price.



I think that a cleaning service is an excellent idea for seniors or those suffering from afflictions that make cleaning difficult, but it is also great for anyone on the go who doesn't have the time to spend cleaning their home.



Hiring a house cleaning service gives you the freedom to enjoy your time at home or get stuck into other tasks and projects that have been put off for too long.





3. Daily, weekly, monthly or once-off

The SweepSouth app also asks that you select the frequency of the house cleaning service. I opted for every second week, as this was all that was needed in my case, but you can select from weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or once-off. The last option is perfect for anyone selling or moving house and needing a good clean before they move out - or before moving into a new home. Just a note: If you sign-up as a regular or repeat customer, the discount you receive is significant, so something to think about if you need a regular cleaning service.







4. Experienced staff

When advising the location of your house, the app will provide you with a list of experienced cleaners that you can choose from. According to the app, all have been vetted beforehand and are fully clued up on sanitisation procedures, which is important considering the Covid pandemic.



If you are spending all your free cleaning the home, get online and find a reputable house cleaning service near you and check out your options.





The bottom line

Now that I have signed up for the house cleaning service, I will be keeping you informed as to how the service worked and my personal thoughts. If you are tired of spending your days at work and your nights and weekend cleaning the house, what have you got to lose by trying out a house cleaning service for yourself?







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