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Secure a Home During Load Shedding

Load shedding has now become the 'new normal' for South Africans and it is a daily occurrence throughout the country. But how do you protect your home during load shedding?






Installing solar floodlights or spotlights high on a wall will light up the outdoors of your property and be a deterrent to would-be intruders.



My family resides in a cluster development that is managed by a Homeowners Association (HOA), similar to that of a Body Corporate. This past weekend an emergency meeting was called due to the fact that several residents had spotted unknown persons prowling around the development during load shedding. On one occasion, they managed to get their hands on a couple of kiddies bicycles left in the garden, but they were definitely scoping out the situation for future actions.





Townhouse complexes and residential developments are just as much at risk as individual properties. Installing solar lighting to light up walkways and parking areas that are dark during load shedding will reduce the risk of attack or theft.









For many, load shedding is a nightmare. The power goes off and we feel unprotected and unsafe, especially when there are no lights outside as well as inside. Crime is already on the increase and load shedding will no doubt add to this increase. But what are we to do when the power goes out and how can we add a layer of protection to our homes without any power?





Install solar floodlights or spotlights to light up your property and the surrounding area. Don't go for anything less than 54-LED setup and mount lights high enough that they cannot be tampered with.



The answer to this question is simple... Invest in solar power. By that, I am referring to solar lights for outdoors. As a development, the HOA has asked all residents to install at least one solar light on the main thoroughfare. This will ensure that the area is well lit and security cameras or residents will be able to see suspicious persons wandering the area. Adding a couple of solar spotlights to your outdoor areas will also aid in deterring would-be burglars and force them to look elsewhere.







Despite warnings about load shedding becoming a common occurrence, many homeowners have left it to the last minute to find limited supply of load shedding essentials. Solar floodlights are still available at Builders and certain other stores, but you can guarantee that this won't be for long. Demand is far outstripping supply and if you want to add solar-operated outdoor lighting to your property - do it now!



Position spotlight or floodlight for maximum exposure to sunlight during the day to ensure maximum charge.





Solar spotlights and floodlights are efficient at lighting up the garden and do not rely on electrical power. I now have 5 Solar Flair 54-LED spotlights in the garden, each aimed at a different area, plus I have a solar sensor spotlight aimed at the entrance to my property. While this won't prevent a break-in, it will add a level of deterrent and make my property less of a target.







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