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The benefits of underlay

Imagine walking down a beach with the soft sand between your toes. Now think about strolling along the hard shoulder of a motorway barefoot. Not quite the same level of comfort between the two is it?


Did you know that that is the essentially the difference between having a good quality underlay beneath your carpets or laminate flooring, and not? Using the same underlay when you replace your old carpet could mean you are destined to walking on a hard and unforgiving surface for years to come.

Ok so the analogies might sound a bit far fetched but underlay, just like the foundations of your home, the insulation, wiring and pipework, is crucial. It is a detail that while unseen will make your home all the more comfortable to live in.

All too often, homeowners cut corners when it comes to what’s under their feet.





A new carpet should only be placed on a new underlay, but 50 per cent of consumers don’t do that – they keep their old underlay. This is risky as the old underlay may not last for the full term of the new carpet which means that the new carpet may fail. This would be seen in premature wear, ridges and lines. This can cause the consumer a problem because the carpet may need to be replaced prematurely, perhaps several years early.

If a claim was made against the carpet manufacturer for the deterioration in the carpet they, almost certainly, would refuse as they always recommend that a new underlay should be used. So the answer is that it will make your significant investment in carpet last as long as it should.

The right underlay can reduce your heating bill by up to 15%

A good underlay can save you money on heating and add value to your home, and carpet feels so much better with underlay you could also argue that it will help you to sell the property when the time comes. Comfortable seating is portable but comfortable flooring is left behind.

Without doubt, new underlay provides the cushioning that will make your carpet comfortable underfoot. It also protects your carpet and keeps it looking new for as long as possible by helping to prevent the pile from getting flat.

Underlay acts as a shock absorber enabling it to withstand wear and tear. Having to replace your carpet sooner than you expected is a costly business.

A carpeted floor is quiet, but a carpet with an underlay can be 2.5 times quieter so it’s ideal if you have children. Specialist underlays for wood and laminate floors can reduce in-room noise by up to 50 per cent.

Protecting the carpet pile makes it easier to clean and therefore more hygienic. Vacuum cleaning is more efficient with underlay since most machines ‘lift’ the carpet to provide air circulation, thus insuring maximum cleaning power. This can help reduce the grinding action of embedded dirt that can cut and damage carpet fibres.

Make sure that the cost of the underlay for your carpet is included in the price of the carpet or in your quote from your carpet supplier. Although some people do not want to go to the extra cost of having a carpet underlay installed, it is important to the durability of your carpets. The underlay provides cushioning to the carpets as well as a layer of protection against abrasion against the floor surface upon which it has been laid. The underlay will also provide a higher level of insulation in your home preventing heat loss.

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