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Great ideas to use in the home

Here's a collection of great ideas that I have come across on the Internet. Some of them save you time, some are really useful, and there's bound to be at least one idea that you will use.


Polish the floor as you walk

How's this for a comfortable way to polish your floors! Recycle an old bathmat, or buy one on the cheap and stick to the bottom of plain slippers.

Stack 'em up

When the rugby is on and the friends pop round, you need to have a fridge that is twice the size it is to accomodate all the beer bottles!. This idea is extremely useful - simply pile up the beer bottles in the fridge and keep them in place with a bulldog clip. Now there's plenty of room for food and beer!





Sock it to your furniture

Isn't it amazing how the tumble dryer eats socks. Put a pair in and only one comes out! Now you can use that spare sock to polish your antique and wood furniture. Use as a glove to pick up dust and apply wax or polish.

Iron out stubborn wrinkles

Don't throw away that last piece of tin foil. To get wrinkles out of silk, wool, and rayon clothes that can't take direct heat, place a piece of foil on your ironing board, then lay the garment flat over it. With the steam button down, pass the iron 5 to 6 cm over the fabric several times. Wet heat radiating from the foil helps smooth out wrinkles.

Designer rugs

You've found a rug you love for your home but it's too small. No problem! Use carpet tape to join two rugs together and then add a few basic stitches to make it last. Start and end stitching on the back side to keep the top looking neat.

Invent new ways

Before you throw stuff into the trash, think about ways that it can be used again, and again. A CD case makes the perfect lunchbox for a bread roll or croissant filled with your favourite foods.

Recycle tin foil

To get baked-on food off a glass pan or an oven rack, use dishwashing liquid and a ball of foil in place of a steel-wool soap pad. It's one way to recycle those used but perfectly good pieces of foil you normally throw out.

Use a fork to fluff up a carpet

Furniture flattened the carpet? Use the tines of a fork to gently fluff plush carpet fibres back to their original height, removing dents left by heavy furniture. Now, that's a real fork lift.

Buff away scratches

Toothpaste is perfect for buffing away fine scratches on CD's. It's also a great jewellery cleaner - apply a small amount to an old toothbrush and your rings will shine.

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