Tips for Effective Cleaning of Carpets in a Home

If you are having a hard time cleaning carpets in your home, try one of these effective carpet cleaning tips.





Anyone who has carpets in their home can agree that regular care and maintenance is essential if you want to keep them looking great and extend their lifespan. Carpets don't come cheap and you want your fitted carpets to last as long as possible. There are plenty of carpet cleaning ideas online, some of them work and others are a waste of time. With  this in mind, we look at some popular solutions for keeping your carpets clean and you may already have everything you need at home to do this.


Not only do carpets add luxury underfoot they also keep your home warm during the chilly winter months and elevate the interior of you home.




If you have a carpet at home, you must agree that its maintenance is of great importance to increase its life. You may have so far done several online searches like carpet cleaning services near me, but some common household solutions can also do the job for you.

It can be hard to keep carpets clean in a home with pets and children but there are some tried and tested methods for effective carpet cleaning.


Don't suffer from pet hair, dust and other allergens - Invest in a quality vacuum that has a HEPA filter.




1. Regular Vacuuming Routine

Daily carpet care is essential and a quality vacuum cleaning is your first defence in keeping the carpets in your home free from dust. If you are not able to give carpets a daily vacuuming at least ensure that carpets get a thorough vacuuming at least once a week.

Even though you are not at home, dust settles into the carpet fibres and get in deep with everyone walking over the carpet. That's why a quality vacuum cleaner is essential, one that has a high suction rating and brushes or agitators to loosen dust in carpet fibres and make it easier to clean.

Regular cleaning is a must if you have pets and/or children in the home. Pets, in particular, leave fur and pet dander on carpets and this can lead to a build-up of nasties.







2. Dab Don't Scrub

Many stains can be prevented from damaging a carpet simply by cleaning them up immediately. If let to dry the will become permanent and impossible to clean off. Rather than rubbing at any spill that occurs, use an absorbent cloth or paper towel to dab deeply at the stain to remove as much moisture as possible.

Once the moisture has been absorbed, use warm soapy water to dab over the stained area, repeating this process until the water is clear. This method is a simple one that yields effective clean up of carpet stains.


Always have a roll of paper kitchen towels at hand to dab up spills on carpets and furniture.


Do not scrub at spills or new stains - Rather use an absorbent cloth or paper kitchen towel to soak up the moisture.


3. Handy Household Cleaners

While it may be difficult to remove all stains, there are ways to try and reduce the stain and make it less visible. A pretty handy trick is to use shaving cream. Regular shaving cream, not the gel type, has been shown to lift new and old stains from carpets. The reason for this is due to the high amount of foaming agents that are found in most shaving creams. The foaming agent spreads into the carpet fibres and loosens stains for easy removal.


Don't let spills dry on carpets - clean these up immediately. If allowed to dry, even the easiest stain will be hard to remove.







4. Move Furniture Regularly

Moving furniture around regularly on a carpeted floor will prevent indents or impression marks caused by heavy furniture. When left in one place for too long, heavy furniture can cause permanent impression marks and spoil the look of the carpet. Moving furniture regularly will eliminate pressure marks.

If there are indents or impressions on your carpets, use a lightly damp soft cloth and a warm iron to lift up the carpet fibres. Where the indents are difficult to remove, repeat this process until the carpet fibres spring back up.


5. Bicarbonate of Soda Refreshes Carpets

I have been using bicarb in my home for many years. I use it to refresh the mattress 2 to 3 times a year and I use it to refresh carpets and rugs. Sprinkle bicarb on your carpets, particularly if they are smelly from pets, and leave it on overnight before vacuuming away the next morning. Use this household remedy between carpet cleaning to keep odours at bay.


Treat spills on the carpet immediately with absorbent kitchen paper to soak up moisture and then with shaving cream or bicarb.



6. Deep Clean Carpets

Even though you perform regular carpet cleaning, having carpets deep cleaned professionally shouldn't be overlooked. Steam cleaning helps to reduce trapped dirt and debris and helps with stain removal. A professional steam cleaning will also remove oily and greasy deposits on the carpet as well as pet dander. And a thoroughly cleaned carpet will be free from germs and allergens.


A regular steam cleaning will ensure your carpets look good and last longer, refreshing them from daily wear and tear.


The Bottom Line

Installing carpets doesn't have to be high maintenance but regular care and cleaning will help you stay on top of carpet maintenance and extend the life of your carpets. If you don't have a carpeted home but do have lots of rugs, you can use the tips above to keep rugs and mats looking great.







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