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Why Donating Your Baby Items Is Better Than Throwing Them Away

Here are several reasons why it's better to donate baby items rather than throwing them away.




Here's what all parents can fondly agree on: babies grow up too fast, from cooing in their cradle to running and screaming around your house like little monsters. There's no doubt about it. In a blink of an eye, they've grown up fast.

But you know what else is a monstrosity growing in your house? All the collected items that your children have outgrown. The old stroller, piles of baby clothes (some barely worn and some brand new), boxes of toys, and all sorts of curiosities that fill your storage room.

Still, it's perfectly understandable to want to store some keepsakes like your baby's favorite toy or the first clothes they wore. As for the rest of the items, you can't just hold on to them forever. Also, you can't just throw it out. It's just going to the landfill unnecessarily. All of these items are perfectly fine to be used, but as a parent, you can't just magically free up time to neatly pack all of it up and drive them to a donation center.







Here's a bit of good news, these days, you can get everything serviced, not just food and groceries. For any busy mom or dad, getting your baby items picked up and donated is the perfect solution. There are even drop off areas where you can leave things that can be reused.

Before you donate these items, make sure that you're giving them things allowed for donations. For instance, donating strollers, car seats, and other baby items might not be items they accept.

You don't need to hold on to usable items catching dust and cobwebs in your home this way. If you aren't convinced, here are several reasons why it's better to donate baby items:


1. You're helping out

Donating means giving to the needy. There are families, orphanages, and nurseries that might love all these baby items. While these items might be clutter to you, they're a big help to others. Charity is a simple way we can do to help others out.

You can even choose which charity you want to help out. Please do your research to know about who they help with the donations. Where do the donated items go? Most charities would be happy to let you know about their mission and their endeavors.


2. It's green

The next reason is that it's environmentally friendly. Think of the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. You're reducing the need to buy more items for other babies because you're providing them things that they can reuse. By simply donating your child's old items, you can redirect a significant amount of rubbish that might otherwise go to the landfill.


3. You're making space for better things

Donating old baby items will allow you to get more storage room for more important things. Perhaps you've wanted to convert that storage room into an office, a reading room, or a space for the whole family. By making more space, you can make more memories in what could be a more actively used room in your home.

And it's not just the physical space you're clearing out. You're doing it for your peace of mind, too. Clutter and excess items in storage can be such a headache!



4. You're teaching your children to be charitable

Starting them young is the best way to build a good foundation for values and habits. By showing them that you're helping a more significant cause through the simple act of handing out old things, your children can learn a lot.

Understanding the world around them isn't just learned from reading books or watching films. Getting involved in activities like donating will give them a more hands-on experience. Learning about who the recipients are, the situation of other people's lives, and what they can do to help is something that can't be learned elsewhere.

Besides, you can't fully understand generosity from the sidelines. It's only learned by participating. In the long run, it might even teach them how to be thankful and content.


5. It helps the family bond

When you teach this to your children, you're also bonding with them. As a family, going through piles of old belongings can bring back beautiful memories, and you can tell stories as you go. For instance, you can show them the shoes they wore when they first started walking.

In a way, your children will appreciate how much you remember details of their infancy. They'll also have a chuckle at some funny stories that you haven't told them yet!







6.You're supporting your community

Family isn't just about the members of your household. It also extends to your community. Donating to your local charity is more straightforward and closer to the heart. Because it's in the area, you can meet the people or institution you're helping out. This makes it more personal, and it can build new relationships and friendships with others in your area.

Taking your kids with you is also a great idea to get them more involved with all kinds of projects. Before you know it, you might even be joining in other volunteer work, too!


7. It makes you feel good

There's truth in the saying that giving is better than receiving. When you know that you're one of the reasons for someone's happiness, it makes you happy, too. It's a pretty simple equation: the more often you donate, the better you feel. And who doesn't want to feel good?


8. Gratitude and contentment

It's not only a lesson that can be learned by children. Parents can also feel a sense of contentment within their families. It's pleasant and ironic at the same time because others are grateful for your charity, but at the core of it all, it teaches you gratitude, too.



At the end of the day, babies grow out a variety of items in a short period. It's a shame to throw it out, and donating is so simple, so there's no debate about whether you should donate these things. In some ways, it might feel like a one-way transaction, but donating items as simple as a pair of baby socks can make a world of difference not just to the receivers but also for the givers.








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