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Life hacks for zip ties

I always keep a pack of zip ties handy, because you never know when you might need them. Take a look at these life hacks for using zip ties to make life easier.


If you're going on a trip, don't forget to use a couple of zip ties to secure your suitcase or travel bag when hopping onto a plane. We've all seen how airport staff can tamper with your bags, but when they're secured with small zip ties there's no easy way to open your suitcase.

Make shopping easier by using zip ties to secure a handy holdall to the handle of your stroller. These pockets are great for storing baby bottle and items you need for baby or children when you're out and about.



You can also use zip ties to create a handy travel organiser for the car. Simply use zip ties to attach the organiser to a seat headrest. Fill the pockets with items you or the kids will need during the trip. You can normally find these organisers at discount stores like the Crazy Store, but they're easy enough to make if you can't find any in the shops.

When you need to hang items but they don't fit on the hanger, zip ties come to the rescue. Secure a zip tie through the hole - or drill a hole if it doesn't have one - and then hang up out of the way.

Keep your kids safe when they play on the trampoline. Use zip ties to secure cut sections of a pool noodle over the top of the springs. The soft foam will protect your kids from scratches and scapes if they do fall on this part of the trampoline.

If you need to make temporary additions, such as adding a baby gate at the top or bottom of stairs, use longer zip ties to secure the assembly in place. That way, you can easily remove when no longer required - without damaging fittings or woodwork.

No place to hang a shower caddy? Use zip ties to secure the shower caddy onto the shower head assembly.

You can even use zip ties to make your own custom bookmarks. Secure beads or tassles at the top of zip ties to mark a page.

If you run out of line for your weedeater, tie on a couple of zip ties. Zip ties are strong enough to trim edges until you have time to buy line.

Cables can be a nightmare when they get all tangled up. To keep cables organised simply tie them off with a few zip ties.

When you have a zipper emergency, zip ties come to the rescue! Thread a zip tie through the top of the zipper to open and close with ease.

Buy zip ties in assorted sizes and colours at your local Builders Warehouse.



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