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Make your own bath bomb or bath fizzies

Bath bombs, or bath fizzies as they are also known, are inexpensive gifts to make and when wrapped in a beautiful box, are the perfect gift for Christmas, Mother's Day and birthdays. Here's how to make your own bath bombs or bath fizzies. For this project we've gone with a heart-shaped design... for someone you love!



Large bowl for the dry ingredients
Small bowl for the wet ingredients
Spray bottle with water
250g Bicarbonate soda
100g Citric acid
10ml Fragrance/essential oil - rose water is perfect
Oil (olive oil or sweet almond oil will work - I use sweet almond)
Food colouring - 1 or 2 drops.






Combine all the dry ingredients into the large bowl and mix together well. In the small bowl, mix together all the wet ingredients, excluding the water which is added to the spray bottle.

Combine the wet and dry ingredients in the large bowl and mix up as fast as you can. If you see that the powder starts fizzing, mix faster and this will stop the reaction. Spray water 3 or 4 times and mix very fast to avoid it fizzing. Now you should have reached this consistency.

Press the mixture in the moulds. If you are adding dry ingredients to your bath bomb, this is the time to do it. Press everything nice and firmly into each mould.

After 20-30 minutes they should be quite hard. Simply take the bath bomb from the mould and leave it to dry. If they've not hardened enough, just leave them in their moulds a little linger and test again.

Bath bombs will keep for longer when storage in a sealed container at room temperature.


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