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Tips for ultimate TV enjoyment

Thursday night is my night for TV and it's really the only night I walk away from the PC and take a break. This made me think about how much time we spend in front of the TV, especially when it's a sports weekend or soapie time. So here are a few tips and making your viewing better and more enjoyable...


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Don't let greasy fingerprints spoil your view

Switch off the TV before you do any cleaning. Use a lint-free or microfibre cloth to clean your TV screen and avoid anything that might scratch the glass, such as paper towels. You don't need to apply cleaners to the screen - just use the cloth and wipe the screen from left to right - starting at the top and working your way down in a single wipe. This will clean up any greasy marks and remove dust.





Dust up the volume

Most people would simply wipe with a damp cloth or furniture polish and this pushes the dust inside the grilles; rather use a soft makeup brush to lightly brush over speaker grilles to remove dust and then wipe with a lint-free or microfibre cloth. And don't forget to clean circulation grilles and vents at the back or side of the TV. These vents help to keep the inner workings of your TV cool, so prevent dust from blocking them up.

Detox the remote

Baby wipes are ideal for cleaning a TV remote and for wiping off last night's TV dinner. Plus, a regular cleaning with baby wipes will keep your TV remote germ-free. Do switch off the TV before you clean or you will be surfing through channels and changing your settings before you know it.

If you have a PVR you will know how handy the rewind/fast forward/pause button is and how you can easily get into a panic when it gets stuck. Chances are the button is all gunked up and you can easily open up the remote to clean out any gunge. Do take care when opening and make sure you put everything back properly.

Take the glare out of TV

As the season change, so does the angle of light entering the room. Daytime viewing can be a mission if the sun is shining on the TV or reflecting through a window.

Stop glare by fitting shades or blinds that can be opened/closed or angled to deflect natural light entering the room and spoiling your viewing time.

If you're not prepared to fork out for window treatments, try angling the TV or moving it to a new spot.


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