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Party the Night Away with These Cool Vehicle Options

It’s time to take the party on some wheels and tour the city.



Everybody has been to a typical party. People show up, they eat, they look for free drinks and they leave. If you’re around the right people, they’re great. But don’t you wish there was some other options aside from a nightclub or home? Fortunately, there is. It’s time to take the party on some wheels and tour the city. It’s a novel idea that is a lot more accessible than we all think. Instead of having to go to a venue or pre-game in a boring apartment, why not get there in style, already dancing? The unparalleled versatility of a party on the road makes for a bonafide fun option for any event. Here are some of the coolest and most fun options available for a road party.

Limo Party

The most popular option is also the most classy. A limousine is how you let everybody know you’ve come to impress. There’s an allure to the elongated sedan that means it’s time to party. This pinch of luxury is best experienced dressed to the nines. If you’re going to get a limo, don’t do it in jeans and a t-shirt. Yeah, it may seem ironic and present the 90’s grunge vibe of not caring. But it truly is meant for some slacks and a sport coat. Dressing the part only adds to the vibe of a limousine. What it’s meant for is making an entrance. Choose a limo to get to the opera, catch a movie premiere, or even pull up to a hotel.

Party Bus

A party bus brings back visions of prom night and bad tuxedos. But once you get a bit older, they’re an insanely fun option to host an entire party. Finding a good party bus rental is easy and affordable. Just make sure that you get everyone involved to agree to the rules and you’re on your way. You can bring your own playlist, control colors and strobe lights, and some even have a disco ball in the middle. It’s all about what’s available. Because this is a party bus and there is an extremely high frequency of excessive cleanup, work out the alcohol beforehand. Everyone that gets on board has to be 21 or over, and a strict amount must be agreed upon prior to taking off. Most party busses have a space for a cooler anyway. They’re expecting booze. Just be smart about it. You’ll want to keep this contact for future parties.

Double Decker Bus

Double decker tour buses are available for parties that haven’t really seen the city. Enjoy the fresh air and the sights of the city from the perfect photograph vantage point. These busses harken back to jolly old England, where they’re still popular. There are few things more fun than taking in the beauty of city life. Take advantage of it with a double decker bus.

Partying on the road is the best option you haven’t thought of. They're the best if you have a handful of friends, some cash to spend, and some time to kill. And whether it’s in a limousine, chatting about the opera with a glass of champagne, or beers on the pole in the back of a party bus, you can always count on vehicle parties to be the absolute best. They’re things of legend. You’ll be telling these stories for years to come.



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