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What You’ll Need to Start a Fun-Filled Family Band

A family band is the ultimate way to bring your family closer through music.


A family band is the ultimate way to bring your family closer through music. Nothing creates a bond like jamming out and creating original songs! Whether it’s a joint operation to produce music or just a fun family jam session, playing music with your loved ones is an incredible experience. You might even walk away with a few singles to share with family and friends.

There are some things to think about before getting started on your family musical journey:

Band dynamics
Where you’ll practice
What instruments you’ll play
What other equipment you’ll need

Not that you should take the family band too seriously; it’s supposed to be fun! But that being said, let’s go over the basics so that you guys can completely rock out.

1. The Band

You’re a band, but you’re also a family. Sometimes that’s the best thing in world. You have all the time in the world to vibe and bond. You’ve all grown up listening to the same music. Everything seems to click into place.

Other times it becomes the worst thing you’ve ever had to deal with. If there are any family arguments that could carry into practice time. If you and your sibling are fighting over stolen clothes, making music together will be impossible. Musical differences can even worsen every day tension.

Create boundaries between band business and family. Don’t let one carry over into the other. If the disagreements get too serious, it might be time to take a break from music.

2. The Space

This is not just any band. It’s your family, so your band is going to be different than the ones you all listen to in many ways. Normally, members get to go home after practice to alone time. With a family band, you don’t get a break from each other. Everyone can go into their own rooms, but that’s about it!

Band practice should be in a separate place from relaxation spaces in the house. It should either be in a separate place from home, or it should be in a sectioned off area. If you have a basement, unused attic, or spare room, that could be a good place for practice.

The practice room should be a neutral space. It doesn’t belong to anyone in the family. Limit the space for band practice exclusively.

3. The Instruments

What type of band are you going for? Do you want to create a reggaeton jam band or do you want to go for something metal? Whether the band is with your family or with friends, the sound always has to be decided on together.

The sound you choose will have a lot to do with the instruments the family knows how to play. Let’s say you all play either acoustic guitar, violin, or drums. This could result in a folk sound, a singer-songwriter sound, or even a soft pop sound.

A family band is also a great way for you to encourage your kids to learn other instruments. Change up the sound and experiment once in a while!

4. The Additional Equipment

Not every band wants to professionally record, but if you do, equipment is a must. You should have a bundle that lets you record each individual instrument. For example, if there’s a drummer amongst you, a drum tuner is a must-have piece of hardware.

If you have a vocalist, you’ll want something to clearly capture their voice. Outside interference noise is the worst. It could ruin the entire sound you’re going for. Getting noise cancelling wall padding in the room that you’re recording in is a must.



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