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6 Tips to Give Carpets a Deep Clean for Spring

The weather is warming up and it's time to think about giving your carpets and rugs a deep cleaning.




The days are getting warmer and it's the perfect time for giving your carpets a deep cleaning. During the colder months of the year, we tend to spend more time indoors, the kids play indoors and the pets lounge around indoors. Even with daily vacuuming, your carpets get dirty and need a deep cleaning for the months ahead.







When it comes to cleaning carpets and/or rugs, vacuum cleaners have seen some great technological advancements. More people are looking to quality brand vacuum cleaners for their advantages and benefits for keeping the home clean and experts anticipate a surge in demand for vacuum cleaners that are energy-efficient, compact in design, and able to keep carpets and rugs sanitized and cleaner.

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has brought about panic in the importance of maintaining a clean home and health experts cannot overemphasize this point. If you are in the mood to perform a deep cleaning for your carpets and rugs the following steps will be useful:







1: Invest in the best vacuum cleaner

Deep cleaning involves the use of a vacuum cleaner but not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. There are different brands and types of vacuum cleaners, all of which offer different levels of suction power, cleaning methods and storage capacities for dust and dirt. When purchasing a new vacuum cleaner for your home, consider the amount of dirt and the kind of carpet that you have so you will also know the best type of vacuum cleaner to use.

If your home is mostly carpeted you will need a vacuum cleaner with strong suction and high waste capacity since carpets trap dirt in the pile, and the longer the pile or thicker the weave the more trapped dust there will be.



2: Set for maximum cleaning

When setting up your vacuum cleaner, you need to figure out the most accurate setting for maximum cleaning.  Deep cleaning your carpets will be far more efficient if your vacuum cleaner is operating in the right setting. Nowadays, many vacuum cleaners are fitted with features that allow you to choose different settings depending on the type of carpet or flooring that you plan to clean. Vacuuming a high-pile or shaggy carpet would warrant a different setting than if you are vacuuming laminate or tiled floors, or if you are cleaning any rugs that you have.

While the right setting needs to be considered for the type of carpet, you will also need to adjust your vacuum cleaner setting according to the height of the carpet or flooring surface that you will be cleaning. Setting the right height adjustments is crucial for ensuring that you’re getting the best suction while vacuuming.







3: Perform spot treatment.

When using a vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning, keep in mind that it is not capable of removing stains on carpets or rugs. If you have any stains, you will need to perform a spot treatment beforehand.

GOOD TO KNOW: To prevent stains from damaging your carpets or rugs, it is best to treat any stain immediately. Stains left too long become embedded in the carpet or rug pile and are much harder to remove, even with a stain removal product.

If your carpets or rugs are badly stained, steam cleaning will help to remove these stains. But note that it may not work for all types of stains. Spot treating your carpet will make your vacuuming efforts more efficient.



4: Get rid of carpet odour

With kids running around and dogs lounging on carpets and rugs, odours are inevitable. Deep cleaning your carpets or rugs will remove any trapped dust or dirt but not odours. If your carpets are smelly allow time to treat carpet odours.  Sprinkle your carpets with bicarbonate of soda and leave overnight or for as long as possible. For embedding odours that are difficult to remove, repeat this process until the smell has gone.


5: Divide and conquer dust and dirt

The process of deep cleaning carpets should be thorough to ensure the entire carpet is cleaned. Start at one end of the room and work your way towards the other end to avoid missing spots. Don't be in a hurry to deep clean as you vacuum, the process should be done slowly and thoroughly.

GOOD TO KNOW: Thoroughly cleaning carpets or rugs is important if you plan to do steam cleaning. If you perform steam clean your carpets right away without thoroughly vacuuming each section first, chances are high that the stubborn dirt and other substances stuck in there will only be pushed further into the carpet fibres.


6: Repeat for high-traffic areas

Repeat vacuuming in high-traffic areas ensures that all dust and dirt are removed. It's a good idea to change direction to fluff the carpet fibres and help them release trapped dirt, especially if you have pets that leave hair on the carpet. Every pet owner should be  aware of the fact that the complete removal of pet hair and dander from carpets is such a difficult task.




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