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Practical Uses for Silica Gel packets

You will always find small packs of silica gel in bought items and there are many uses for these silica gel packets.


I must admit to hoarding unusual items that people normally throw out and have found uses for these on several occasions. One item I collect that comes in very handy is silica gel packets. You normally find these in shoe boxes, electronics and medicines, and they have some great uses that you wouldn't normally think of.



Collect silica gel pack

When collecting packs of silica gel, store these in an airtight container to extend their life. These little packs absorb moisture and are ideal for various uses in and around the home. Keep them in airtight jars or plastic containers and put them away until you need them.

Dry out a cellphone

One use for silica gel that I have tried quite a few times is to dry out a cellphone after it has been wet. Too many times my kids have been thrown into the pool with their cellphones in their pockets. While many suggest leaving the cellphone in a container of rice, I have found that silica gel packs are far more effective.

As soon as your cellphone gets wet, dab dry with a paper towel, remove the battery and memory cards and place in an airtight container with a few silica gel packs. You will be surprised at the amount of moisture these little packs can absorb and it works much faster than rice.

Get rid of odours

Gym bags can get really stinky after carrying your sweaty clothes and smelly shoes. Refresh your gym bag or takkies with a couple of silica gel packets. They will absorb smelly odours and help keep your gym bag fresh.

If you suffer from smelly feet, pop a couple of silica gel packs inside the shoes and leave them overnight. If you do this regularly your shoes won't smell so bad. And don't forget to pop some silica gel packs in your clothing drawers, shoe racks and wardrobes.

When you pack away seasonal clothes, bed linen, or any type of textile, place these in a zip lock bag with a few packets of silica gel. The silica gel will help keep odours at bay when you need to store fabrics for a long time.





Keep stuff dry

The whole purpose of silica gel packs is to absorb moisture, so why shouldn't you use them to keep dry foodstuffs dry. They are perfect for wet weather to keep biscuits from going soggy, so pop a couple in your biscuit tin. You can also use silica gel packets to keep all your dried foods fresh. Don't remove them from the pack, simply pop the whole packet in jars of dried foodstuff, spices, herbs and beans.

Silica gel packs are so good at keeping things dry, you will find plenty of uses for these packs in your pantry. You can pop them into powdered foods or granular goods like sugar, in your coffee jar to prevent clumps, or plenty of other items that are stored in a pantry. And don't forget about pet chucks and biscuits.

Travel with silica gel packs

If you are constantly on the go, don't forget to pack a few silica gel packs into your suitcase. These mini moisture absorbers are also ideal to keep in a pack with your razor, and will also help to keep razor blades sharp. A gel packet or two are easy to toss into your holiday suitcase and will protect electronics. So don't forget to take some along with you.



If you travel to humid locations, add a couple of packs of silica gel to your camera bag. They will help with condensation and fogging up of your camera lenses.

Protect items from rust

Those small packets of moisture absorbing silica gel are just the thing if you live at the coast. Pop them in your cutlery drawers or in your tool box to protect items from rust. If necessary, replace them regularly to keep moisture at bay.



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