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Polish your old car new again

Here's the second installment of my car polishing saga. This time our old Polo (2004 model) receives the full treatment of 3 steps to restore the colour and shine to almost brand new condition.


The first polishing was done on my son's car, which wasn't in bad condition and only needed Fine Cut Polishing and Finishing Polish.

Hubby's car, on the otherhand, required High Cut Compound followed by Fine Cut Polishing and Finishing Polish. The car is covered with paint specks from overspray and it was impossible to wash off the paint, even with some scrubbing.

For all you husbands out there - don't get the wrong idea. I'm only doing this for hubby because he left the car at home and took my car to work !





I also won't say that this project was quick and easy. Because the car needed attention and all 3 stages, it took me the whole day to polish. But now all it requires is occasional maintenance. Phew !!

Here's the car after polishing and if you compare it with the top photo that was taken before polishing, you can immediately see the difference. The polishing has removed the oxidized paint that dulls the finish and has left a swirl-free shine.

Janice Anderssen


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