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3 Ways on How to Make Your Pet Less Sensitive to Hair Vacuums

For some unknowable reason dogs and cats are frightened by the sight of the vacuum; here are 3 ways that will help you to sensitize your pet to hair vacuums.


Cats and dogs may have been viewed as enemies, rivals even; most people think cats and dogs have nothing in common, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. They are both different when it comes to certain traits, but they do have certain things in common, like their furry bodies, the adorable ‘can I have one more treat’ look that they give you, and their mortal enemy, their arch nemesis, the vacuum.

For some unknowable reason these furry animals are frightened by the sight of the vacuum; they probably view them as a stranger entering their territory, or maybe the noise it too loud for them. Whatever the reason maybe, caring owners are trying to find a way to desensitize their furry animals from the vacuum, and here are 3 ways that will help you do just that.





1) Leave your Vacuum in the Living Area

Cats and dogs are very territorial, when it comes to the place they live in and their owners, so suddenly introducing the vacuum to them could be frightening. This is how your pet views the vacuum, it’s this unwanted visitor that invades their space occasionally, it’s big and bulky and is also very loud. The image is frightening to most pets, so it’s advised that you leave a vacuum in the living area, where your furry animals can see it all the time and have access to it. Cats are curious by nature; they’re going to investigate the vacuum once they stop feeling threatened by it. It’s also preferred that you always have your vacuum out in the open when your pets are young, this allows your puppies and kitties to get used to it and not feel threatened by it.

2) Treats

Vacuuming can be really tiring, especially when it comes to vacuuming dog hair, other than the fact that you floor is dirty and you want to clean it, your dog is giving you a hard time too. This can be tiring, and so it’s preferable if you leave treats for your furry animals on top of the vacuum. Try to do this every time you’re going to treat your pets; your pets will involuntarily associate the vacuum with treats, and so they’ll not be frightened anymore

3) Use Toys

Most dogs are very fond of their toys; try to use their love for their toys to your own advantage and for your dog’s sanity. Simply place your dog’s favorite toy on top of the vacuum, by doing so you’re creating new memories in your dog’s brain, and the more you follow this pattern, the more you’re making your dog familiarize itself and the toy with the vacuum, and so the vacuum will not be as frightening as it used to be before.

Vacuums are Friends not Enemies

It’s very common among owners to complain about their scaring the bejesus out of their pets, but it no longer has to be this way. These 3 tips among others have been proven to be very effective and useful. Only by following these strategies will your find it easier to be around your vacuum without feeling frightened or threatened.



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