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Make the bedroom a secure haven

We all need an escape from the world at some point, and for many of us it’s the bedroom. The last thing we want to worry about when taking time out is security, so here are some tips on how to make your bedroom area a safe haven.



Shut yourself in with roller shutters


ABOVE: Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters can be automated for easy remote control from your safe area.


Lightweight but robust aluminium roller shutters are fantastically convenient. They can be fully automated and remote controlled from the comfort of your bed using a hand-held portable remote. Use roller shutters to moderate the amount of light, heat or cold coming in through your windows or doors so you aren’t disturbed when you don’t want to be.







For safety’s sake, fit a roller shutter in your passage and use it to seal off the bedroom area whenever you need to. If you choose a Trellidor Rollerstyle design, you can request a viewing panel combined with the solid slats, so that you can see what’s happening on the other side if necessary.

When you don’t need the shutters, they roll up and out of sight into a neat, compact shutter box. Window shutters provide you with a way of getting out of the house when you can’t use the doors, so are a good safety feature.


Lock up with retractable security



Trellis-style sliding security gates are also great forbedroom wings. To create a safe area, installa retractable gate in your passage or block off your entire upstairs area with a security gate across your stairway. Put some sliding security on your windows too and you have an alternative escape route for emergencies.

Choose a designlike Trellidor Retractable Security that stacks neatly to the side when not in use as you don’t want its bulk taking up too much walk-space. Trellidoralso let you choose the gate key permutations: different keys for each security gate; all gates keyed alike; or random keys for all gates with one master key.


Stay safe behind security screens


ABOVE: Trellidor Clear Guard security screens have been engineered to provide a barrier as well as allow you to see through to the other side.


Security screens are newcomers to the security barrier market and can be fitted to doors and windows. They haven’t been top of mind when it comes to creating safe areas because they’ve valued more for their see-through properties and sleek design, so have been installed in homes with beautiful views and architecture that need to be preserved.

But there is no reason why they can’t be used in passages and on bedroom windows to keep you safe when you retreat there at the end of the day. Just ensure that you choose a product that has been specifically engineered with security in mind – fly screens won’t do the job of keeping home invaders out of your safe area.

Trellidor Clear Guard screens are a good choice as they were designed as a security barrier. They can be manufactured to match just about any style of door and window, and help filter harsh sunlight and heat.


Points to remember when designing a bolt hole:

  • Every window in your designated safe area should be secured with a barrier, and at least one should be able to open for a quick escape in an emergency.
  • Doorway access points should all be blocked off to criminals, e.g. passages, stairways, external doors.
  • Keep a charged cell phone with you whenever you retreat to your safe area so that you can call for help in an emergency.
  • Keep track of keys to all security doors and window security that opens – you don’t want them falling into the wrong hands or going missing when you need them in a hurry.



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