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Quick Tips: Cleaning Up After Children

We love our kids, but sometimes they can be little terrors that need lots of cleaning up after, so we've compiled some quick tips to keep your home clean.



As parents, we love our kids to bits, but sometimes they can be little terrors. We've compiled some quick tips to keep your home clean no matter what the kids do!

Keep Toys Clean

Kids not only love to play with toys in their bedroom, but they also like to take them wherever they go - indoors or outdoors. When you need to clean and disinfect plastic toys, a quick and easy way to do this is to pop them in the dishwasher. Place the toys in a laundry bag, or net bag that you can make yourself, and put them through a medium-hot wash. Don't use a drying cycle, but rather remove the toys after washing and rinsing.



Remove Stickers from Walls and Doors

If your children ever get their hands on stickers, you are guaranteed to be removing these at a later stage. The sticky question is how to remove stickers without damaging the surface of walls or doors? The trick is to use a hairdryer on 'warm' setting to loosen the adhesive and make it easier to scrape off with a plastic scraper.

Another easy way to remove stubborn stickers is to use WD-40. Spray the area lightly and then gently scrape to remove any stickers.







Remove Bubble Gum or Sweets from Carpets

Sticky sweets and bubble gum on your carpets can make you want to pull out your hair, but there is a quick and easy trick to deal with these sticky situations. The best trick in your sticky arsenal is to use ice cubes. Put the ice cubes in a ziplock bag and place over the sticky spot. The ice helps to harden the gum or sweet and makes it easier to remove from the carpet fibres.







Wipe Kiddies Art from Walls

Kids love to draw, in fact, they love it soooo much they will find any available space to display their artistic talents. While art on paper is OK, art on walls and doors is not. Did you know that you can use WD-40 to remove crayon from painted walls, doors and even carpets? Use a clean rag and spray a little WD-40 onto this and then wipe the wall, door or carpet. You can also use WD-40 to remove crayon marks from clothes. While it dissolves the crayon, it won't leave a mark on the fabric after you've washed it.

You can also use WD-40 to remove stains from non-permanent markers. Keep a can of WD-40 in your toolbox or pantry, because you never know when the next inspiring piece of art may occur!




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