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Protect against mildew and mould

During the rainy season, especially in the summer months, mildew and mould love damp, warm spaces. Here's how to ensure your home is mildew and mould free and free from smelly odours.


Lack of ventilation and damp create the perfect environment for mould, mildew and fungi. These microorganisms flourish under these conditions and they love bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and anywhere where it's warm and moist.

You can spot mould fairly easily. The visible patches of mould colonies give off a musty odour and they're powdery and woolly. They range in colour from brown, to green, to black. When you see signs on mould or mildew it's time to let in some air and do some cleaning.

While most microorganisms are harmless and may even be beneficial to humans, there are microorganisms that fill your home with bad odours, and even illness.





Now there are a range of probiotic cleaners that are all-natural and contain powerful microbes and metabolites that remove mould, grease and grime -  without the need for toxic chemicals or cleaning products.

Completely natural and biodegradable, probiotic cleaners contain no hazardous ingredients and are harmless to humans, animals and plants. Many of the microbes found in these probiotic cleaners are also found in human foodstuffs. They’re also non-corrosive, so it’s safe to use these products on plastic, fiberglass or concrete tanks and surfaces.

With spray nozzles for easy application, Probio products are simple to use: just find the mouldy spot, spray, and let the microbes work their magic. The Probio range also includes concentrated cleaners that need to be diluted  for cleaning windows, mirrors, bathroom ceramics and so on. And because they're all-natural, there’s no need to wipe the surfaces down afterwards.

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