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How To Be Sure Your Home Is Pest Free

The cleanliness of your home is crucial, because if you neglect that, pests will invade and make your life a living hell.


Having a home is every bit as exciting as they say in the movies. To have a place to come back to, no matter what goes on in your day is just something special and it never gets old. But owning a place comes with a few responsibilities. You need to take care of it as much as you would your most valued possession, because your home will eventually become that. That means installing fire alarm systems and making sure the place is safe. It also means ensuring your home is pest-free, and that alone is quite important. The cleanliness of your place is very crucial because if you neglect that, pests will invade it and make your life a living hell. This is how you can be sure your home is pest-free.

Regular cleanups

The most important angle to making sure pests stay out of your house is regularly cleaning the entire place. Rodents, cockroaches, ants, and all sorts of pests just love an unclean place and they thrive in such environments. This is why it’s very important to regularly clean your house from dust and anything that might attract those unwanted guests. This means mopping the floors with disinfectant and cleaning mite and dust at regular intervals.

Most of all, though, you need to keep your kitchen clean. Nothing attracts pests like food remains, and if you have that, there’s no telling what kind of pests you’d be inviting to your place. You have to get rid of any spilled food, clean the surfaces you cook on, and remove any food sources from the open to ensure that vermin can’t find their way into your place.

Get rid of debris

Another guaranteed way to attract pests is by stocking up on debris and wood piles –– or piles of any sort really. Pests usually take refuge in dark places that are isolated from light and air, so storing these items is very tempting for all sorts of insects to come over and take shelter. You should get rid of debris and any piled materials in your place.

Avoid having damp areas

Dampness attracts pests faster than anything, and insects like cockroaches look for those humid and warm areas to take shelter until colder seasons pass them by. You should regularly avoid having damp areas in your house, and you need to open windows in the kitchen and bathrooms all the time to ensure they’re well ventilated and no damp spots are being formed.

Get professional help

Let’s face it, ensuring your place stays pest-free is easier said than done. More often than not you fail and end up with serious insect problems, and that is something you really don’t want. So, you should hire professional pest control services to get rid of those nasty little creatures, because you’ll probably do it wrong on your own. According to the people at Apex Pest Control, you should take care of any mice or wasp problems swiftly to avoid any damage to your property, and to you –– some pests are carriers of disease and can cause serious problems for humans. This is why you should use pest control to avoid any further complications to the problem.

Get rid of any cracks in the house

Because cracks and crevices in your place are also dark and humid, pests will eventually try to lurk and hide there during the day and wreak havoc during the night. So, to avoid that happening, you should seal up any gaps around windows or in the kitchen, or any other place really that they might use to sneak inside.

Take care of the windows

You need to also take care of your windows and their frames. Install fine mesh screens and get rid of any holes or cracks around the frame. Those windows are the easiest way in, for a pest that is coming from a nearby garden or something, so you need to make it a bit difficult for them to get into your house.

Clean your pets

Believe it or not, cleaning your pets is crucial to ensure that no pests come into your house. You have insects like cat fleas and other bugs that infest dogs as well. These pests can easily spread to the house and lead to bad itchiness and some complications for humans. This is why it’s crucial that you keep your pet regularly cleaned and treated with flea treatments, not to mention dewormed. They’ll thank you for it –– because those pests really bother them –– and you’ll have protected your house and family from pests.

Trim trees around your place

You need to regularly trim the trees surrounding your house, because they’re basically a gateway for all sorts of pests and insects to get inside your home and mess it up. So, trim the trees and shrubs that are very close to your house, or have someone else do it for you.

Don’t stomp

Believe it or not, stomping on an insect roaming your place is not the way to go about it, no matter how pissed off and tempted you are to crush it. Doing so can spread their eggs, and each one contains a lot of other insects. So, it’s best to use a dedicated pesticide that would kill them without you needing to worry their eggs would spread.

Early inspection

Pests and mice don’t really like winter, so they hide inside houses during that time. This is why you should launch a preemptive strike and start inspecting before winter comes to look for droppings or nests. This way you can stay ahead of the problem and solve it before it even begins.

Dealing with pest problems is not fun, and you’re going to need a professional to properly do it. But you should try to avoid that happening in the first place by keeping a clean house and regularly cleaning from anything that might draw those pests like food leftovers or damp areas. Doing these things consistently ensures not only a clean place to live in, but also a pest-free one.



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