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Jik keeps a home Hygienically Clean and More...

Over the years, we have come to trust Jik or household bleach to keep our homes hygienically clean, but there are more ways to use Jik that you might not know about.


Over the years we have come to trust the germ-killing power of Jik, but there are many other ways to use household bleach that you perhaps are not aware of...






Many of us use household bleach, a common brand name being Jik, to clean our homes. Bleach itself is a diluted solution of sodium hypochlorite and it is this ingredient that can be used to lighten, sanitize and disinfect.

"The broad-spectrum effectiveness of most bleaches is due to their general chemical reactivity against organic compounds, rather than the selective inhibitory or toxic actions of antibiotics. They irreversibly denature or destroy many proteins, making them extremely versatile disinfectants."


GOOD TO KNOW: Research conducted concludes that household bleach is safe for the environment and that even in water, the product has a short time concentration.



Keep flowers fresh for longer

Did you know that a dash of household bleach will keep your flowers fresh for longer? The bleach kills off bacteria that forms in the water and keeps the water cleaner for your flowers. And while Christmas is done and dusted, you can also add a teaspoon of bleach to cold water to prolong your fresh Christmas tree. Wish I'd known that one before the holidays!

Protect seedlings and plants

If you like to use clay or terracotta pots for your seedlings or plants, using household bleach and clean water to clean the containers prevents damage to the plants from mould and fungi that these pots may contain. Rinse your clay pots in clean, in sink or bucket of cold water with half a cup of Jik added. Let them soak for about ten minutes before rinsing with clean water.






Kill off mildew and mould

In the right environment, like damp and humid bathrooms, mould can quickly take hold. You can kill off the mould fungus by spraying it with a mixture of clean water and household bleach. Fill up a spray bottle with equal parts of both and lightly spray any areas infected with mould. Leave for 30 minutes and then use a soft scrubbing brush - or toothbrush for tight areas - and then wipe clean and dry.

You can also use this method to remove mould from fabrics, but only fabrics that are 100% cotton - but not synthetic fabrics or fabric blends.

Refresh yellowed or stained fabrics

I have been using Jik to remove stains from cotton fabric for ages. Even when my kids were school age, Jik removed stubborn stains from white, cotton shirts with ease. You can also use Jik to fresh up cotton bed linens or curtains to bring out the brightness.

Whether you hand or machine wash, add a half cup of household bleach to your washing machine load (cotton whites only) for a rinse cycle and then rinse again.

Household bleach for kitchen hygiene

If you are planning a kitchen clean-out you can ensure 99% hygiene by cleaning cupboards, utensils, plasticware and crockery by cleaning these in clean water with a quarter cup of Jik added. let soak for a couple of minutes and then rinse clean. You can also use clean water and household bleach to sanitize and clean your kitchen cabinets and food preparation surfaces.






Hygienically clean bathroom

Being the sole woman in a family of men, I cringe sometimes when I go to the toilet. I'm not sure why men have to dribble and drip all over and around the toilet, but they do. Jik has come to the rescue more times than I can count to remove smells around the base of the toilet and in the grout between floor tiles. And for really stubborn dirt, I grab an old toothbrush, pour a little Jik on the area and get scrubbing!

If your children love to drag their toys outdoors, a quick soak in clean water and household bleach will sanitize any non-porous item. Using household bleach for toys is an easy way to sanitize and disinfect children's toys, especially those that get played with in the garden or sandpit. After soaking for a few minutes, rinse well and wipe dry.



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