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How long does a memory foam mattress last?

Sleep has an effect on the state of mind and if a person has adequate sleep, such a person is more likely to be in the right state of mind than someone who doesn't get enough comfortable sleep.


Sleep is one of the most important activities to man. It determines the effectiveness of man in whatsoever he does. Sleep has an effect on the state of mind and if a person gets the best adequate sleep, such a person is more likely to be in the right state of mind than someone who doesn't get enough comfortable sleep.

It is not just enough to want to sleep, it is important that the right mechanisms are put in place, and the right conditions are sought after so as to have enjoyable sleep. Such conditions could include good temperature, a familiar, quiet and dark environment, then a good pillow and above all, a very comfortable mattress. With all these in place, enjoyable sleep is guaranteed, other things being equal.

In going for a mattress, there are possible questions that might surely cross your mind. It might be the question of comfort, the question of durability, relief from pain, and how much such a mattress costs, while others prefer the more expensive ones, probably because of the comfort they think they stand to offer. You might have been frustrated and you might have almost given up because you have somehow not found the suitable mattress that can answer all your questions flawlessly. This could be an avenue for answers to your questions. This article aims at talking about the memory foam and how long it lasts. It would also focus on the memory foam, what it entails and what it has to offer.

It is worthy of note that the memory foam has been in existence since 1966. At that time, it was made by NASA to serve as a shock absorber for seats in planes. It was also referred to then, as slow spring back foam. Memory foam has also been a part of hospital beds, shoes, helmets, amongst others.

The memory foam is quite a catch because of its ability to equally distribute weight over a specific area. It also boasts of the fact that no matter your body shape, it is ready to blend in such that if feels like it was specifically made for you. The Memory foam also has an interesting feature in that it is not responsive to instantaneous movements that could disturb one's sleep. For instance, your partner getting on the bed or getting off from the bed, as the case may be.

The material memory foam is made from is viscoelastic which is soft and absorbs easily. The memory foam also serves as a cure for body pains because of its accommodating texture. It offers relief to sore joints at different points of the body.

Before I go further to state how long a memory foam under 1000 USD can last for, it is necessary to expatiate on why memory foam is important and the advantages it stands to offer.

The memory foam offers support for the back. It does this by the even spreading of your weight over it. This way, no single part is put under the pressure of weight. This is not applicable to other spring materials where pressure is put on whatever part of the body that is contact with the foam.

Also, preventing of body pains is an important advantage that the memory foam provides. Based on the fact that the memory foam's mechanism is such that, it distributes weight evenly and doesn't put any body part under pressure, it is known to reduce and prevent body pains. It is also a good remedy for people with Arthritis or Fibromyalgia as the case may be.

As stated earlier, the memory foam has been made in such a way that it adjusts to your body position and it can accommodate actually any position, without causing discomfort in any part of the body.

Eradication of dust mites is also a very catchy advantage of the memory foam. Normally, foams are known to harbor a certain quantity of dust mites which are triggers of allergies. However, the memory foam has been made in such a way that it is able to not accommodate the existence of dust mites in it. There is really no space for the dust mites to live and survive.

For people with allergies, memory foam is the best option, because it is able to control the causes of allergies, for example dust mite, which was stated earlier. Mold as a type of allergen also is not able to thrive in a memory foam.

Interestingly too, the memory foam is really suitable for adjustable beds. They could be called the "perfect match" because they are really compatible.

The following advantages would lead me to the core of this article, which is the life span of a memory foam.

A memory foam mattress is easy to maintain and care for, there are no complexities in the process of keeping it and making sure it's at it's best state. This encourages its longevity.

Finally, the memory foam is also durable and spans over a long period without necessary losing it's effectiveness. A memory foam could last for about 7-10 years, as the case may be. This is also dependent on how effectively you are able to maintain it. It is not in its nature to sag and lose its shape unlike other spring beds.

Another pivotal point is the fact that memory foam covers about 20% of total industry sales, showing the large percentage of people that trust in the product!



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