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Making your Home More Pet Friendly

If you are considering adopting a furry friend, here are some tips on ways to make your home more pet friendly.



Adopting or taking on a new pet is a huge step to take, but one that children enjoy and love. Pets are wonderful companions and provide emotional support in times of stress. But taking on a new pet is more than just bringing home a dog or cat and it is important to make your home pet friendly so that you are not too inconvenienced and your new pet is comfortable and happy.

To ensure that you and your new pet enjoy life together we have put together a list of important things to consider before you bring your pet into the home.







Install a Pet Flap or Pet Door

Pets like cats and dogs need easy access to outdoors, unless you are training your cat to use a cat litter tray. A pet flap or door allows your pet to go outside and do his or her business without inconveniencing you on a regular basis. If you do not wish to install a pet flap or pet door, make sure to provide training so that your pet will let you know when it needs to go outside, or you will forever be cleaning up messes indoors!








Allow a View to Outdoors

Cats and dogs are naturally curious creatures; they like to set themselves up to view their surrounding world and have a view to what goes on outdoors.



Most pets require plenty of exercise outdoors and may become claustrophobic if they spend long hours locked up indoors. Animal experts recommend that you have at least one window or door that is unobstructed and where your pet can position him or herself to take a look at what is going on.  Having a view outside and waiting for their adopted parents to come home from school or work is a favourite pastime for both dogs and cats, so give your pet a place where they can view the outdoors even when locked indoors.


Put Down Carpet Runners or Rugs for Non-Slip Floors

We all know that cats and dogs love to take over a home, running from room to room in a mad dash to burn up excess energy. If you watch enough videos on the internet, you can see pets slipping and sliding on floors. Although carpets are non-slip floors, stains and shredding are much more noticeable on them. There are also lots of chances that they may pee or rub themselves on carpets, so it is better to have a non-slip flooring that is comfortable and easy to keep clean and that allows your pets to freely move around.


Putting down runners or rugs where pets tend to run will prevent any accidents caused by their mad dash episodes, but be sure to have a rubber backing on these so that they don't slip around.







Have a Feeding Station

Just as we need a space to relax and eat, so do your pets. Setting up a feeding station gives your pet easy access to their food and water, and their bed if you place this close by. Select an area that has low traffic and is out of sight of your guests should they like to dig around in their bedding and generally make a mess.

When your pet has an area to call their own, it lets them retreat to it and feel like they have their peaceful place to be in your house anytime they need a break or time-out.


Pets Need Plenty of Toys

When bringing a pet home for the first time it will usually be as a puppy or kitten. When they are young, pets need to be able to run around and play to keep them active and occupied. Pet toys will also prevent pets from chewing or destroying your personal effects when they are teething. Setting them up early with a collection of their own toys will keep them happy and make them feel more at home.



To stop your home from becoming cluttered with pet toys, store them close to their sleeping station and house them in a box or basket. This way you can keep your house clean and at the same time a fun place for them.

Even if you think that your house is already comfortable for you and your family, you have to endure that your pet feels welcome too. These are just a few of the things that will make them feel at home, what’s more important is you give them love and affection that they deserve.


Protect your Furniture and Fittings

From an early age, pets should be taught to respect your home. Wood furniture can easily become scratched and upholstered furniture collects hair and can be damaged by paws. Training your pets to stay off furniture will go a long way towards your peace of mind that it won't be destroyed. On the other hand, make sure your pet has a comfortable place to sit and sleep and know where to relax.

Make sure to give a cat a scratching post or a piece of rug or mat that they can use. If your cat doesn't have something like this available, chances are they will use your furniture!



Most pet owners have more than one pet bed, keeping one main pet bed as a place for them to sleep, and another in the main living area where your pet can sit and relax and still feel part of the family.


Plenty of Exercise for your Pet

A dog or cat that is locked up during the day while you are at work or school will be bounding with energy when you get home. If you don't want destruction to be the rule, make sure to give your pet plenty of exercise. A large garden is a great place to burn off energy, but not everyone has a large garden. In this instance it's a great idea for you and your pet to head outdoors for a walk or run in a pet-friendly space.



Pets are just like children, they need to be loved and cared for and their needs to be considered if they are to grow into loving pets that are obedient and know their place in the home. A pet friendly home will take care of all their needs - and yours - and bring about a happy relationship for everyone.



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