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Why Maintenance Of Your Diesel Generator Is Important?

For residential use, a diesel generator size ranges from 8-30 KW and for offices and larger commercial buildings, it ranges from 8-2000 KW.


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A diesel generator combines the electrical generator to the diesel engine to produce electric energy. Diesel generators are used in locations where it is not connected to an emergency power supply or a power grid. A portable diesel generator is capable to supply power in the construction sites which ranges from 1-10 KW. For homes, the diesel generator size ranges from 8-30 KW and for offices and larger commercial buildings, it ranges from 8-2000 KW.

The importance and requirements of the diesel generators can’t be ignored. These diesel generators are mandatory to back up the power and are widely used in most of the commercial buildings and residential homes like apartments. The diesel generators are easy to operate and do not cause huge problems and pollutions to the environment and the users. Backup generator provider Kruger generators offer high-quality diesel generators for your commercial requirements. Check out for the latest models of the diesel generators from the retailer’s website.

Follow some useful tips to maintain the diesel generator in the industry.

Regular inspection: It is very crucial to perform a routine inspection. The exhaust system, DC electrical system, fuel system, and essential system for leakage should be monitored periodically, especially when you run the generator. Any leakage if not noticed can cause dangerous issues.

Fuel system: The fuel system of the generator should be taken care of. Sometimes, the diesel fuel becomes contaminate and corrode for few days. This will affect the generator’s performance. So, it is better to check the fuel earlier to degradation. Drain the fuel filters at regular intervals because the water vapor condenses and accumulates in the fuel tank. When it is not used, polish the fuel regularly or else replace it once in 3-5 months.

Oil change: It is very essential to check and change the oil frequently, especially after 100 hours of using the generator. This makes your generator to run smoothly and will not cause any problems for you.

Check the cooling system: You should check the cooling system regularly. Find out the coolant level when you shut down and allow it to cool off. Always add a balanced mixture of antifreeze, coolant additives, and water. You can also add coolant to ¾ inches of the level.

Lubricate the generator: You should consider lubricating the generator periodically. Make sure the oil level is at dipstick mark. Always add quality or branded oil to the engine. Check out for the API oil classification and oil viscosity. Change the oil and oil filter periodically.

Engine exercising: This has to be done on a routine basis to avoid oxidation of electrical contacts. Make use of fuel sooner as it deteriorates. This will make the engine reliable and functions smoothly without any problems.

Clean up the generator: All the diesel backup generators should check for the leakage and be cleaned periodically.

Check the batteries: The level of the power battery and general status must be checked frequently. Ensure that there is no visibility of corrosion in its connections or on the battery.

Change the spark plugs: After every 100 hours of usage, the spark plugs have to be changed. While servicing the diesel generator, the spark plugs must be checked and ensure that they are not cracked or worn off.

● Change the air filter: Air filters are required to be changed periodically. When there is dirt in air filters, it can’t draw the necessary volume of clean air.

All these tasks have to be regularly performed but the constancy depends on certain factors such as usage and the type of backup diesel generator. The manual book of the diesel generator includes recommendations on how frequency should you service your specific model. Remember to call a professional generator company to get help and advise you on servicing of your generator.

Diesel generator maintenance is important

Regular maintenance for diesel generator is incredibly crucial to increase the reliability of your power systems. Diesel generators are the excellent sources of power backup when it is maintained regularly. The engine will lose its capability if not maintained properly. A reliable, scheduled maintenance plan will keep the diesel generator run at maximum performance for its lifespan. The diesel generator will keep you in the peace of mind if you keep it is updated regularly. This will help you to avoid major repairs or dangerous situations.

Necessary of emergency power services

As the diesel generators are reliable and durable, it requires less maintenance. It is a wise thing to obtain periodically maintenance for the generator services. Buying a well-designed backup generator is the best solution for power outages, particularly important for healthcare centers and hospitals. A well-maintained backup generator will last for 20-30 years. The lifespan of the generator depends on how good it is serviced and how well it is maintained.

Having a backup power supply will make sure that your commercial building is entirely prepared. In healthcare institutions, there is pressure to maintain backup power. New technologies are built up to enhance power demands. Be dedicated and carry out the required monitoring, testing, and maintenance of the fuel system. This will help the facility managers to recognize the problems and make the upgrade of the generators.

Is it worth to have a generator service contract?

It is very much worth to have a routine service and maintenance contracts for the backup generator because it helps a diesel engine generator run smoothly for the whole lifespan. The best service provider offers service for your diesel generator. Make sure to visit the retailer’s website for information regarding the importance of the diesel generator. The team is specialized in testing, repairs, and maintenance for all kinds of generators. We are widely experienced in installing and managing power projects of all sizes and complexities.

Since power outage is not predictable, a power failure can be the main reason for financial loss for commercial facilities. Taking a routine servicing contract will help you to recognize problems before it turns to big problems. By taking a maintenance service contract with the generator retailers, you can ensure to have a continuous power supply that is consistent for all your requirements. The best service provider offers backup diesel generators for every size to restore backup power to your site at the earliest. The maintenance services nowadays are accessible 24/7 and are trained to satisfy all the customer’s requirements.

Benefits of having a diesel generator

The maintenance cost for the diesel generator is very less when compared to propane or gasoline generator. This is because of the absence of carburetors and sparks plugs in the diesel generators. So, it is not required to replace the spark plugs and rebuild the carburetors. One of the major maintenance which is required for the diesel generator is the changing of oil. If the oil is changed regularly, then your diesel generator will last long without any major problems.

The diesel generator tends to perform the same quantity of work as a gasoline generator but uses less fuel for power backup. So, the diesel fuel is low-priced than the propane and gasoline fuel. With regarding the lifespan of the generator, the diesel generator will last longer when compared to the gasoline generator. A gasoline generator approximately lasts for 1000 hours. But the diesel generator tends to run on an average of 30,000 hours without causing any major problems. The diesel generators are capable to withstand pressure and can run at a half speed of the gasoline generators which are built for irregular usage.

Diesel fuel is easier to store when compared to gasoline. The diesel fuel is flammable but there is no risk as in gasoline which is explosive. One of the major drawbacks of the diesel generator is that the exhaust of the engine is visible. However, when you maintain it properly, you need not be concerned regarding the exhaust. Only when the diesel generator is under pressure, then the exhaust is seen.

Using diesel fuel is considered to be noisy and this is a big drawback for using diesel fuel in the generators. This is the reason why homeowners prefer gasoline generators. A gasoline generator is less noisy when compared to diesel generator and hence it is not required to keep the generator away from the house. There are various options available like soundproof enclosures which will help regarding this problem.

The initial expense for installing the diesel generator is costlier than that of a gasoline system. But when you compare for some years, then the diesel generators are cheaper than the gasoline generator. The choice to select gasoline or a diesel generator is assessed with the help of its usage. A gasoline generator can be used if the system is for intermittent use. But when you overall consider, then diesel generator is proved to be more economical. The advantages of the diesel generator outweigh making it the best option to be used for commercial facilities and residential homes.



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