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Polish your car to showroom finish

No matter how hard you try to protect your car, eventually you will have a scratches here and there, sap spots if you park out in the open, and possibly even swirl marks in the top coat of paint from polishing.


Even if your car has none of these, over time the surface of the paint becomes oxidized, which causes it to become dull and loose it's shine. That's where Liquid Shine is amazing.

My car is parked under the tree outside my home and is full of tiny little spots of sap. This is not easy to clean off, in fact it's almost impossible to get off. So I asked the guys to demo the new Liquid Shine system for me.





Not only did Liquid Shine remove all the sap spots, it also removed all the oxidized paint - and the car is only a year old...! The surface now feels like glass, as opposed to feeling like 300-grit sandpaper.

Shopping trolleys and car doors are the worst enemies. Park in a shopping centre or car park and sooner or later you will come back to find scratches on the side of your car.

Liquid shine totally obliterated the scratch marks and polished to a high shine at the same time.

I have included a (amateur ) video below that I took during the demo to show you how easy it is to return your car to showroom condition with the entire kit - polishing machine included.

The secret to Liquid Shine is not only in the application, it's in the product.

Zero Swirl Finishing Polish - 500ml

Use to eliminate swirl marks and marring or holograms from heavier compounds.

- Silicone, wax and filler free.

- Removes Swirl marks and marring.

- Very high gloss finish (92-93 gloss units).

- Water based.

Fine Cut Polish - 500ml

A fine cut and high gloss polish capable of removing 2000-grit sanding scratches.

- Silicone, wax and filler free.

- Removes minor defects and oxidisation.

- Water based and Biodegradeable.

- High Gloss

High Cut Compound - 500ml

A high cut and high gloss compound for use on fresh and cured paint. Capable of removing 1500 grit sanding scratches.

Silicone, wax and filler free.

Removes P1500-grit sanding marks.

Removes minor defects and heavy oxidisation.

Water based and biodegradeable.

High gloss.

Designed for all paint types.

The 800W polisher costs around R821, and the 1200W polisher costs around R1160 (excl VAT) and are available at Hardware Centre.