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Easy way to clean a microwave

Toss out those toxic cleaners and use natural products to clean a microwave. All you need is a jug or bowl of water, lemons or concentrated lemon juice and a cloth to refresh and clean a really grubby microwave. This tried and tested method has been around for ages and works like a dream.


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You can use a microwave to warm up, re-heat or cook just about anything and because it gets used so often, it needs cleaning often. I love using my microwave to cook and roast a chicken all-in-one, but dread the cleaning that comes afterwards until I discovered an easy way to clean the inside of the microwave is 5 to 10 minutes - without any scrubbing.





Here's how to clean a microwave in 5 minutes flat and it's a method that doesn't use any toxic cleaners:

1. Fill a glass measuring jug or pyrex jug three-quarters full with clean water.

2. Slice up a fresh lemon and add the slices to the water, or substitute with concentrated lemon juice.

3. Place the filled jug in the microwave on medium-heat until it starts to boil.

The steam will help to dissolve greasy residue on the inside of the microwave.

4. Carefully remove the jar of water and wipe down the inside of the microwave with a cloth lightly dampened with lemon juice.

If the food gunks have been there for a while you might need to do this process a couple of times to loosen stubborn residue and use a cloth and some vinegar to remove what's left.


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