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How to Keep your Fabric Sofa Look Like New

There are ways to keep your upholstered fabric sofa looking as good as new, or at least almost as good as new.


A typical fabric sofa will last a long while. Lasting usually up to fifteen years or so. However, it's common for outside forces, such as pets, children and daily life, to wear down the fabric on your sofa sooner than you'd like it to. Fear not, as there are ways to keep your fabric sofa looking as good as new, or at least almost as good as new.

However, even if you try to manage it yourself, there are times when trying to improve the longevity of your sofa just doesn't work as you'd like. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for the fabric on your sofa is to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service. Especially one that could deep clean, remove stains and freshen any fabric sofa. By giving your sofa a nice deep clean every so often, you just may be able to increase the life of the fabric. Consider your fabric sofa like any other fabric piece you own, sometimes it needs professional cleaning. If professional cleaning isn't possible at the time, you may want to consider other methods, such as:

Vacuum Weekly

You'd be surprised at how far a weekly vacuum session can go. Especially when it comes to keeping your sofa looking better than ever. By vacuuming weekly, you'll be giving the fabric a much-needed cleaning and refreshing. Doing this may help elongate the life of the fabric. You may also wish to add a spritz or two of fabric softener, to allow your sofa to not only look better but also remain smelling fresher.

Cover It Up

Life happens, but it doesn't have to happen to your sofa. By placing a cover or even just a throw blanket over your sofa, you'll be adding a layer of protection to the sofa. This will allow it to remain fresher longer. There are many nice looking and comfortable sofa covers and blankets on the market these days. Take some time to find one that works best with your individual and unique style and have fun with it.

Handle Pet Hair

Having and rescuing pets is a wonderful part of life, though it's no secret they may take away some life from the furniture. If you share your home with furry friends, it may be best to use a lint roller often. You may want to vacuum the furniture weekly, removing any pet hair and dander. If all else fails, it may be necessary to forbid the animals from being on the furniture uncovered. However, other methods of hair removal are usually sufficient.

Keeping your fabric sofa looking and smelling great longer than it should is not always easy, but it's usually always worth it. The care and work you put into making the fabric last longer, the more it'll reward you in the end. There are a variety of ways to do so, though a combination of methods may need to be used. And should be used. Nobody wants an old, tired-looking sofa, and now nobody has to have one either.



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